I graduated in Nouveaux Systèmes Informatiques at Université Paris Sud in 2014. I am currently a PhD. student at Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique and teaching assistant at IUT d'Orsay. My research is oriented towards verification of concurrent programs on weak memory models via model checking techniques. In particular, I am working on Cubicle-W, an extension of the Cubicle model checker that adds support for weak memory models, and its applications.

Tool pages

Cubicle-W: an extention of Cubicle for weak memory
PMCx86: an application that translates x86 assembly programs to Cubicle-W


Cubicle-W: Parameterized Model Checking on Weak Memory
Sylvain Conchon, David Declerck and Fatiha Zaïdi

Parameterized Model Checking Modulo Explicit Weak Memory Models
Sylvain Conchon, David Declerck and Fatiha Zaïdi
In First International Workshop on Handling IMPlicit and EXplicit knowledge in formal system development, Xi'an, China, November 2017

Compiling Parameterized x86-TSO Concurrent Programs to Cubicle-W
Sylvain Conchon, David Declerck and Fatiha Zaïdi
In 19th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, Xi'an, China, November 2017

Vérification de programmes assembleur concurrents sur modèle mémoire x86-TSO
Master's degree internship report, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, September 2014

Vérification de programmes C concurrents avec Cubicle : Enfoncer les barrières
Sylvain Conchon, David Declerck, Luc Maranget and Alain Mebsout
In Vingt-Cinquièmes Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs, Fréjus, France, January 2014


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EDIPS - Ph.D. students representative (2014-2015)
ED STIC - Ph.D. students representative (2014-2015)


I'm a hobbyist genealogist. You can explore my family tree on GeneaNet. Who knows, maybe we are distant cousins ?