StructGraphics: Video Gallery

Theophanis Tsandilas, Inria & Université Paris-Saclay

StructGraphics is a user interface for creating data-agnostic and fully reusable designs of data visualizations. The work will be presented as full paper at VIS 2020 (InfoVis program).

Useful Links: [ Paper Preprint ]   [ Code Repository ]   [ Study Materials ]   [ Tutorial ]

The following examples demonstrate the expressive power of the approach. We present the original unedited videos, images, as well as JSON specification files. To view a video, hover over an image and then click on the button at its center. Unless explicitely mentioned, the data presented on the graphs are not real.

StructGraphics Overview

A summary video that gives an overview of StructGraphics. It presents and explains several examples, where some of these examples are also presented in the following videos.

Structured Sankey [real data]

Showing the change in council control after the 2018 local UK elections. It reproduces a Sankey diagram published in the Financial Times.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Waterfall Charts [real data]

The evolution of reanimations and deaths in French hospitals due to the COVID-19 epidemic from Mar, 18 to Apr, 14 2020 (source).

Note: Liberation later published a similar visualization with updated data.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]


A bubble chart showing the correlation between height and weight in a group of teenagers.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Nested Barchart [approximate data]

A barchart inspired by an article on the Financial Times on the market impact of outbreaks.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Custom Area Chart

A custom area chart where glyphs take the form of a sailboat.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Population Pyramid

Structure of an age-gender pyramid that shows the age distribution of women and men.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Nested Pyramids [real data]

A custom visualization showing the evolution of the Greek population from 1980 to 2020 (source).

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Red and Blue America [real data]

Reproduction of a nested barchart visualization published in the Wall Street Journal article.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Reactions on Mass Shooting

Topics mentioned by Americans after the Orlando shooting (from Data Illustrator's gallery)

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

COVID-19 Daily Deaths [real data]

Chart showing evolution of daily deaths in eight countries. We show the ranking of the countries (source).

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Infographics with complex glyphs

Reusing complex glyphs that represent here simplified figures of men and women.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Graphic design

Example that demonstrates how property sharing mechanisms can be used in graphic design.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Graphic design No2

Another design example where glyphs take the form of daisies.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Custom error bars

An example that demonstrates how to design boxplots and reuse custom error bars.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]

Custom Sankey

A Sankey diagram where the flows connect the internal shapes of groups. The connections represent financial flows between institutions.

[image] [syntax] [workspace]