The tenth meeting of IFIP WG 1.9/2.15 Verified Software is hosted in Montauban, France. On the second and third day (October 3-4), we are having a joint meeting with 2.3 at Bertrand Meyer's Château de Villebrumier, near Montauban.


At Abbaye des Capucins Hôtel.

On Sunday, the meeting is hosted at Abbaye des Capucins. On Monday and Tuesday, it is hosted at Château de Villebrumier and there will be a bus for the ride between the hotel and the château (15 minutes).


The nearest airport is Toulouse, which has excellent international connections. Then there are at least two options to reach Montauban:

There are also trains from Paris to Montauban. The trip takes 5 hours (there are TGVs, although not at TGV speed all the way yet).


Sunday 2 (1.9 only, at Abbaye des Capucins)

Monday 3 (with 2.3, at Château de Villebrumier)

   9:30am - 6pm

Tuesday 4 (with 2.3, at Château de Villebrumier)

   9:30am - 3pm


Last updated: July 29, 2016