The bibtex2html home page

bibtex2html is a collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML. They allow to produce, from a set of bibliography files in BibTeX format, a bibliography in HTML format. Here are some features:


The simplest is to look at an example. And here is another with my own bibliography.


On-line documentation or in PDF format.

Note for users using a version of bibtex2html prior to 1.98: TeXlive 2010 prevents bibtex2html to run bibtex in a temporary directory, resulting in an error message such as

  bibtex: Not writing to /var/folders/Ub/Ubo4JLWw2RWgeU+1YuiY3U+++TM/-Tmp-/bib2html67bb78.blg (openout_any = p).
  I couldn't open file name `/var/folders/Ub/Ubo4JLWw2RWgeU+1YuiY3U+++TM/-Tmp-/bib2html67bb78.blg'
  error 1 while running bibtex
A workaround consists in telling bibtex2html to use the current directory for temporary files, using the following shell command before running bibtex2html:
  export TMPDIR=.


bibtex2html is written in OCaml and is freely distributed, under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. bibtex2html requires that bibtex is installed.

bibtex2html is hosted on github.

The current version is 1.99 and can be downloaded from here. See the CHANGES. The distribution includes:


A collection of BibTeX style files and related scripts, contributed by some bibtex2html users, is available here.

See for instance Mario Valle's publications and the associated script,
or John Owens's publications and the associated script.


Jean-Christophe Filliâtre and Claude Marché.
Ralf Treinen contributed the aux2bib tool and the Debian package.

Coments and bug reports: mail us (sending us the BibTeX file which produces the bug if possible).

Thanks to Xavier Leroy and Thomas Ruedas for their help.

Related HTML tools

A powerful and highly configurable LaTeX to HTML converter
A tool to insert hypertext-links in HTML documents
A perl script to create separate files (one for each abstract) and links to the abstracts accordingly, by David Reitter.

Jean-Christophe.Filliatre[at] (formatted with yamlpp).