Index of values

add_task [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
add_task [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
add_task [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

add_task c t adds task t to computation c.

add_worker [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
add_worker [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
add_worker [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

add_worker c w adds worker w to computation c.

clear [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
clear [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
clear [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

clear c clears all tasks from computation c i.e.

compute [Functory.Network.Mono.Worker]
compute [Functory.Network.Mono.Master]
compute [Functory.Network.Poly.Worker]
compute [Functory.Network.Poly.Master]
compute [Functory.Network.Same.Worker]

compute () starts a worker loop, waiting for computations from the master.

compute [Functory.Network.Same]
compute [Functory.Cores]
compute [Functory.Sequential]

master f handle l applies function f to each first-component of elements in l; for each such computation, both the list element and the result are passed to handle, which returns a list of new elements to be processed (in an identical manner).

create [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
create [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
create [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

create worker master creates a new distributed computation.

create_worker [Functory.Network]

create_worker s creates a new worker located on machine s.

declare_workers [Functory.Network]

declare_workers s declares n workers on machine s (when n is not given, it defaults to 1).

kill [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
kill [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
kill [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

kill c kills computation c.

map [Functory.Network.Poly.Worker]
map [Functory.Network.Poly.Master]
map [Functory.Network.Same]
map [Functory.Cores]
map [Functory.Sequential]

same result as

map_fold_a [Functory.Network.Poly.Worker]
map_fold_a [Functory.Network.Poly.Master]
map_fold_a [Functory.Network.Same]
map_fold_a [Functory.Cores]
map_fold_a [Functory.Sequential]

map_fold_a f fold acc [x1;...xn] computes fold ... (fold (fold acc (f x1)) (f x2)) ... (f xn) assuming fold is an associative operation with neutral element acc

map_fold_ac [Functory.Network.Poly.Worker]
map_fold_ac [Functory.Network.Poly.Master]
map_fold_ac [Functory.Network.Same]
map_fold_ac [Functory.Cores]
map_fold_ac [Functory.Sequential]

same specification, assuming fold is an associative and commutative operation; the third argument should be a neutral element for fold

map_local_fold [Functory.Network.Poly.Worker]
map_local_fold [Functory.Network.Poly.Master]
map_local_fold [Functory.Network.Same]
map_local_fold [Functory.Cores]
map_local_fold [Functory.Sequential]

map_local_fold f fold acc l computes fold ... (fold (fold acc (f x1)) (f x2)) ... (f xn) for some permutation x1,x2,...,xn of l

map_remote_fold [Functory.Network.Poly.Worker]
map_remote_fold [Functory.Network.Poly.Master]
map_remote_fold [Functory.Network.Same]
map_remote_fold [Functory.Cores]
map_remote_fold [Functory.Sequential]

same specification as above

nb_tasks [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
one_step [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
one_step [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
one_step [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

one_step ~timeout c runs one step of computation c.

remove_worker [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
remove_worker [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
remove_worker [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

remove_worker c w removes worker w from computation c.

set_debug [Functory.Control]

Sets the debug flag.

set_default_port_number [Functory.Network]

Sets the default port number.

set_number_of_cores [Functory.Cores]

set_number_of_cores n indicates that n computations can be done in parallel.

set_ping_interval [Functory.Network]

set_ping_interval t sets the interval between consecutive ping messages.

set_pong_timeout [Functory.Network]

set_pong_timeout t sets the upper time limit t for receiving a pong message from a worker (since last ping message), before we declare the worker unreachable.

status [Functory.Network.Mono.Computation]
status [Functory.Network.Poly.Master.Computation]
status [Functory.Network.Same.Computation]

status c queries the statis of computation c.