ICFP Programming Contest 2003

The 4 Caml Riders of the Apocalypse

The riders are Pierre Letouzey, Claude Marché, Julien Signoles and Jean-Christophe Filliātre.
This README gives a few details about the way we proceeded.

Below are our scores for the ICFP Programming Contest 2003. Our total score is 83785.
(Here was the task and the tracks.)

1_Simple: 8866 2_Hairpins: 13968 3_Sepang: 15937
4_EatYouAlive: 15272 5_Car: 5620 6_IcfpContest: 5175
7_Gothenburg: 3978 8_ManyWays: 7903 9_PhilAndSimon: 7066
X_Rally: 39773

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