LRI (Université Paris-Saclay) , CentraleSupélec
Lina YE

Title PhD, Associate Professor
Address3 rue Joliot-Curie, 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette
Bât 650 Ada Lovelace, Université Paris Saclay
91405 Orsay

Research Interests

  • Formal methods
    • Model-based diagnosis (related properties such as diagnosability and predictability) and model-based testing
    • Formal verification of complex systems (concurrent and distributed discrete event systems, real-time and hybrid systems, and controlled systems)
    • CSP refinement proof with Isabelle/HOL
  • Formal methods and machine learning


I studied computer science and system information in University of Surrey, England and University of Paris-Sud 11. Then I received the PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Paris-Sud 11, France, in 2011. I held a post-doctoral position in the research team CONVECS at Inria Rhône-Alpes in 2012-2014. I am currently an associate professor of computing science at CentraleSupélec, University Paris Saclay. I carried out my research work at the LRI laboratory (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique) until the end of 2020 and now at the LMF laboratory (Laboratoire Méthodes Formelles), University Paris Saclay, France.