About Me

Leandro Montero
ATER Post-Doc - Université Paris-Sud.
PhD - Université Paris-Sud.
MSc Computer Sciences - Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Research interests

Graph theory, algorithms and complexity.

Contact Me

Phone: +33 (0)1 69 15 69 05
Email: lmontero@lri.fr


PhD - Université Paris-Sud, France - 2012.

Thesis: "Graph and colors: Edge-colored graphs, edge-colorings and proper connections". Advisor: Prof. Yannis Manoussakis. Available HERE!

MSc Computer Sciences - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2008.

Thesis: "Convergence and divergence of the iterated biclique graph". Advisor: Prof. Marina Groshaus. Available in spanish HERE!


Université Paris-Sud (2010-2014)

Graph theory; Algorithms, data structures and complexity; Operational research; C++ programming.

Universidad de Buenos Aires (2004-2009)

Mathematics; Calculus; Graph theory; Algorithms, data structures and complexity; C++ and Java programming.


My research domain is mainly discrete mathematics and theoretical computer sciences, centered on graph theory.
In particular:

Structural graph theory.

Algorithms and complexity.

Vertex and edge colorings, and vertex and edge colored graphs.

Hamiltonian cycles and paths.

Intersection graphs, clique graphs and biclique graphs.

Iterated graph operators.


M. Groshaus, A. Guedes, L. Montero: "Almost every graph is divergent under the biclique operator", to appear in Discrete Applied Mathematics.

V. Borozan, L. Montero, N. Narayanan: "Futher results on strong edge-colourings in outerplanar graphs", The Autralasian Journal of Combinatorics. Vol 62(1): 35-44 (2015).

M. Groshaus, L. Montero: "On the Iterated Biclique Operator". Journal of Graph Theory 73(2): 181-190 (2013).

V. Borozan, S. Fujita, A. Gerek, C. Magnant, Y. Manoussakis, L. Montero, Z. Tuza: "Proper connection of graphs". Discrete Mathematics 312(17): 2550-2560 (2012).

In progress

R. Agueda, V. Borozan, Y. Manoussakis, L. Montero, M. Groshaus, G. Mendy: "Proper hamiltonian paths in edge-coloured multigraphs", submitted.

R. Agueda, V. Borozan, R. Diaz, Y. Manoussakis, L. Montero: "Proper hamiltonian cycles in edge-colored multigraphs", submitted.

J. Anglès d'Auriac, C. Bujtás, H. El Maftouhi, M. Karpinski, Y. Manoussakis, L. Montero, N. Narayanan, L. Rosaz, J. Thapper, Z. Tuza: "Tropical dominating sets in vertex-colored graphs", submitted.

S. Legay, Y. Manoussakis, Y. Matsui, L. Montero, Z. Tuza, R. Xu: "Safe sets in some classes of graphs", in progress.

J. Anglès d'Auriac, M. Chen, S. Legay, J. Luviano, Y. Manoussakis, L. Montero: "Tropical connection of vertex-colored graphs", in progress.

R. Agueda, R. Diaz, Y. Manoussakis, Y. Matsui, L. Montero, R. Xu: "Relaxed safe sets of graphs", in progress.

M. Groshaus, L. Montero: "Distances between bicliques and structural properties of bicliques in graphs", in progress.