Delphine Longuet

Assistant professor
University Paris-Sud
LRI, VALS group

PCRI, bureau 63
Rue Noetzlin
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Mailing address
Bâtiment 650
Université Paris-Sud 11
91405 Orsay Cedex, France

Phone   +33 (0)1 69 15 65 42

e-mail   delphine [dot] longuet [at] lri [dot] fr

Research activities

My work is dedicated to the development of formal methods for validation and verification of software systems. More precisely, I am interested in software testing approaches based on verification techniques, like proof or model-checking.

My work follows three main directions:
  • Testing functional aspects of systems, where the expected behaviour of the system is specified in a first-order formalism.
  • Testing reactive aspects of systems, where the formalisms used for specification may be either modal logics or transition systems.
  • Testing concurrent aspects of distributed systems, whose behaviour is specified with Message Sequence Charts or Petri nets for instance.


Teaching 17-18 Duties
Previous teaching


Since Sept. 2009 Assistant professor at LRI, Université Paris-Sud 11
Sept. 2008 - Aug. 2009 Post-doc at LSV, ENS Cachan
Nov. 2007 - Jul. 2008 Post-doc (ERCIM fellowship) at CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sept. 2004 - Oct. 2007 PhD student at IBISC laboratory, Université Évry-Val d'Essonne
PhD thesis defended on October 12, 2007
Title : « Test à partir de spécifications axiomatiques »
(Testing from axiomatic specifications)
Supervisor : Marc Aiguier