Wendy E. Mackay


e-mail: mackay @ lri.fr
phone: +33 1 69 15 69 08
fax: +33 1 69 15 65 86
web: http://www.lri.fr/~mackay
Assistante: Alexandra Merlin
phone: +33 1 69 15 39 09
email: alexandra.merlin @ inria.fr


Postal Address:

INRIA Saclay Ile de France
LRI, Bâtiment 650
Université de Paris-Sud
on sabbatical at Stanford University

Full CV in PDF, as of July, 2011. 3-page CV in PDF, as of July, 2011.

Research Themes

I am currently a Research Director with INRIA Saclay in France, currently on sabbatical at Stanford University. I run a research group called in|situ|. Our focus is on the design of innovative interactive systems that truly meet the needs of their users.

For us, human context is critical: we need to provide designers with tools and methods that actively take context into account. This requires a deeper understanding of the complementary characteristics of humans and computers as well as an analysis of specific situations of use. My goal is to develop and facilitate the creation of such situated interfaces, which take optimal advantage of context to provide users with the particular tools they need to address the problems at hand. In order to move beyond the current generation of desktop environments and envision the next generation of interactive environments, we create prototype interactive environments that explore what this next generation of interactive systems will look like.

Our primary research themes include:

Interaction paradigms including multi-scale (zoomable) interfaces, interactive information visualisation, bimanual interaction, multimedia (video and audio) and tangible interfaces. The goal is to not only explore these paradigms individually but also to investigate how to integrate them into real-world applications.

Mediated Communication that allow people to ‘stay in touch’ and maintain peripheral awareness of each others’ activities at a distance, while maintaining privacy and ensuring that users stay in control of their communication channels. The goal is to generate a design space for alternative forms of communication, developing and testing new communication applications that illustrate points along different dimensions of the design space.

Research methods, including participatory design techniques, that actively involve users throughout the design process and multidisciplinary design techniques that facilitate communication among researchers from engineering, social science and de- sign disciplines. The goal is to develop, test and disseminate these methods to both researchers and practitioners in industry.

Engineering of interactive systems that enable us to facilitate the design and adoption of effective interaction techniques and paradigms and component-based architectures to facilitate dynamic management of interactive systems. The goal is to develop open source toolkits that enable us and our research colleagues to design and implement advanced interactive systems.

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