Video to Support Interaction Design

Welcome to the on-line version of the DVD "Using Video to Support Interaction Design".

The DVD consists of approximately one hour and a half of video clips that show real interviews, live brainstorming and prototyping sessions, followed by an actual design walkthrough. You can watch it in any browser that supports HTML5 videos in MPEG-4/H264 format. You can also access the MPEG-4 video files directly.

You can print PDF files that explain each technique with accompanying worksheets. We also include sections on technical tips for using video, ethical considerations, particularly informed consent, and an annotated reference list.

The DVD is designed to be used either in a classroom or as a stand-alone tutorial. Please do not simply watch these techniques: try them yourself, on real design problems.

To reference this work:

Mackay, W. (2002), Video to Support Interaction Design, DVD, ISBN 1-58113-516-5, ACM, New York.

Produced by INRIA, directed by Christine Leninger.

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Introduction back Interviews Brainstorming Prototyping Walkthrough Advice Printable pages
video back Conducting an interview To ask or not to ask Sometimes it all goes wrong Resulting interview videotape (excerpt) Advice Printable pages
video back Ready for classical brainstorming A couple of ideas And so many more Choosing among all the ideas Let's try a first idea The flying Post-it note Sending a Post-it note to the car Resulting brainstorm videotape Advice Printable pages
video back Watching the interviews Thinking about a use scenario Watching the brainstorm ideas Thinking about a future scenario Sketching the storyboard Time to videotape Bob's return The calendar sequence The drawer sequence The phone sequence The car sequence The final sequence Resulting prototype videotape Advice Printable pages
video back Some preliminary instructions Watching the prototype Step-by-step analysis Advice Printable pages
back Interviews: Observing users Brainstorming: Generating ideas Prototyping: Creating a design Walkthrough: Evaluating a prototype Video tips Ethical issues Printable pages
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Using Video to Support Interaction Design - Printable pages

You can dowload theses PDF files to your computer.

Using Video to Support Interaction Design - Video files

You can dowload theses MPEG-4 video files to your computer. Each file has chapter markers for the different clips.