Wendy E. Mackay


e-mail: mackay@lri.fr
phone: +33 1 69 15 69 08
fax: +33 1 69 15 65 86
web: http://www.lri.fr/~mackay


INRIA Saclay
LRI, Bâtiment 650
Université Paris-Sud
91405 ORSAY Cedex - France

Full CV in PDF, as of July, 2011. 3-page CV in PDF, as of July, 2011.


Management of Innovation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Experimental Psychology


Northeastern University
Experimental Psychology
University of California, San Diego



Stanford University

Visiting Professor
On sabbatical at the Stanford HCI Group.

I.N.R.I.A. Saclay Ile-de-France, France

Research Director
Head of the in|situ| research group.

I.N.R.I.A., Rocquencourt, France

Chercheur Invité


Senior researcher, principle in the InterLiving project. Teaching at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes and the University of Paris VI.

University of Aarhus

Visiting Professor


Visiting professor, with research and teaching responsibilities. Taught undergraduate and graduate level course in various aspects of human-computer interaction.

Université de Paris-Sud

Professeur Associée


Visiting professor, with research and teaching responsibilities. Taught undergraduate and graduate level course in various aspects of human-computer interaction (conducted in French).

Centre d'Études de la Navigation Aérienne



Directed a research project to explore a new approach, augmented reality, for supporting air traffic controllers. Completed a 4-month ethnographic study of team 9W en route controllers in Paris (Athis Mons), and then directed a year-long participatory design project. Developed Camélón, a working prototype that preserves the controllers existing, successful work practices with paper flight strips, while providing direct access to RADAR and other on-line functions.

Rank Xerox EuroPARC

Senior Research Scientist


Manager of multimedia research group conducting research in the areas of augmented reality, media spaces, multimedia editing, scenario-based design and user innovation. Awarded a 3-year ESPRIT research grant, (710,000 ECUs) entitled EuroCODE, and developed the design and initial prototypes for the "High Road Demonstrator"; which enables construction supervisors at the Great Belt bridge construction project in Denmark to use their engineering drawings to access a media space, multimedia information and to share their hand-written annotations. Established the EuroPARC technical report series.

Business and Office Systems Engineering, Digital Equipment

GEEP Fellow


Scholarship awarded to complete Ph.D. in Management of Technological Innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

External Research, Digital Equipment

Technical Liaison


Responsible for External Research's part of contract negotiations between Digital and MIT on Project Athena's continued funding. Member of Digital's MCC Human Interface Steering Committee.

Educational Services, Digital Equipment

Research and Development Manager


Developed a 5-year strategic plan, with a yearly budget of $2 million and 18 professional researchers. Managed three research groups concentrating on: Human Engineering, Multi-Media Information Architectures, and Integrated Learning Environments. Reduced cost of multi-media software development to 1/5 of previous costs with a significant increase in user satisfaction. Appointed to Digital's Sponsored Research Board and editor of the R&D Technical Report Series and the R&D Newsletter. Taught research methods to 12 Master's student interns from U. Mass. Amherst.

Simultaneously, Visiting Scientist at MIT. Conducted research on Boxer language with Prof. Hal Abelson. Managed technology transfer between M.I.T. and Digital and creation of a multi-media version of Boxer at Digital.


Systems Based Courseware, Digital Equipment

Cost Center Manager


Managed $2 million/year cost center with two supervisors and 33 developers. Produced over 35 software products all shipped on time and on or under budget. First in the industry to provide integrated computer-based instruction at first-customer ship of all three of Digital's personal computers. Reduced hot-line calls by 30%. Considered the industry standard (Seybold Report).

Systems Based Courseware, Digital Equipment

Unit Manager
Reduced average software development cost by 60%, which resulted in new projects and 300% growth. Automated budgeting and billing. Developed new authoring language, created software and graphics standards, and established process for interactive videodisc course development.

Systems Based Courseware, Digital Equipment

Educational Specialist
Designed and programmed Digital's first two computer-based instruction courses. VMSCAI remains Digital's top-selling packaged course. EDTCAI was described as "so effective that we use it as a design model for developing our own in-house computer-based courses." Created a program generator that significantly reduced course development time, participated in the design and development of a new authoring language, trained 24 new course developers.
Professional Activities

Elected & Volunteer Offices
Chair: ACM/SIGCHI (1989-1993). ACM Publications Board (1991-1993). ACM SIGBoard (1991-1993). ACM Nominations Committee (1993). INTERCHI'93 Financial Advisor. ACM/SIGCHI Secretary/Treasurer (1987-1989). Video Chair: CHI '86. Co-founder & Chair, Greater Boston Chapter of ACM/SIGCHI.

Program Chair
Conference co-chair: ECSCW '05. Program Chair: ACM DIS'02. Conference and Program chair: DARE 2000. Program Chair (applications track): ACM Multimedia '99. Technical Program Co-Chair: CHI'94. Program Co-Chair: Workshop on Scenario-Based Design, CWCW'94. Program Co-Chair and Keynote speaker: Montpelier '93 Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Program Co-Chair: Workshop on Augmented Reality (1993). Multi-Media Communication Chair: ACM/SIGGRAPH '89. Program Chair: Video as a Research and Design Tool (1989).

Program Committees


UIST'08, UIST'07, CHI'07 Doctoral Consortium, CSCW'06, CHI'06, NORDICHI'06, CHI'05, UBIMOB'05, Critical Computing '05, Less is More '05, AVI'04, CSCW'02, UIST'02, AVI'02, Ubicomp'02, NordiCHI'02, ECSCW'01, DIS'00, CHI'00, CSCW'00, ECSCW'99, IWAR'98, CHI'98, Multimedia '98, ErgoIA'98, IHM'98, DIS'97, CHI'97, CHI'96, CSCW'96, Multimedia'96, CHI'95, Multimedia'95, CHI'94, CSCW'94, CHI 92, CHI'91

Editorial Boards
ACM/TOCHI (Trans. Computer-Human Interaction), IJHCS (Int. Jal. Human-Computer Studies), RIHM (Revue d'Interaction Homme-Machine), Multimedia Systems, ACM Interactions, ACM/TOIS (Trans. Office Information Systems).

Other Reviews
IEEE Software, IEEE Trends in Computing, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Educational Computing Research, Human-Computer Interaction, Interacting with Computers, MIT Press, Advances in Human-Computer Interaction, Computers in Human Behavior, and SIGGRAPH User Interface Forum


Honors, Fellowships and Awards
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Honors Psychology B.A., magna cum laude, California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society, Provost's Honor List, U.C.S.D., Northeastern University Fellowship, Digital Equipment Corporation GEEP Scholarship. CACM'93 Special Issue: American Publishing Association award for best special issue of a journal in any field. Certificat de langue française, niveau supérieur B, mention bien, Université de Paris, Sorbonne.

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