Index of types

adaptability_cstr [Clock_expression]
Adaptability constraints: p_1 on ... <: p_2 on ... and c_x on p_1' <: c_y on p_2'.

choice_of_number_of_1 [Clock_expression]
Choice of number of 1s for a set of word variables
clock_type [Clock_type]
Clock type: ct ::= 'a | ct on p.
clock_type_variable [Clock_type]
Clock type varaible: 'a_n.

integer_variable [Clock_expression]
Variables corresponding to the size (i.e., |c_n|) and the index of a 1 (i.e., I_{c_n}(j)) of a word variable c_n.
iof_and_size_cstrs [Clock_expression]
Constraints on sizes and indexes of 1s.

linear_cstr [Clock_expression]
Integer linear constraints.
linear_cstrs [Clock_expression]
Linear constraint system.

periodic_binary_word [Pbword]
Ultimately Periodic Binary Words: p ::= u(v).
precedence_cstr [Clock_expression]
Precedence constraint: c_x on p_x <= c_y on p_y.
precedence_cstrs [Clock_expression]
Precedence constraint system.

simplified_adaptability_cstr [Clock_expression]
Simplified adaptability constraint: c_x on p_x <: c_y on p_y.
simplified_adaptability_cstrs [Clock_expression]
Simplified adaptability constraint system.
subtype_cstr [Clock_type]
Subtyping constraint: 'a_x on p_1 on ... <: 'a_y on p_2 on ....
synchronizability_cstr [Clock_expression]
Synchronizability constraint: c_x on p_x |><| c_y on p_y.
synchronizability_cstrs [Clock_expression]
Synchronizability constraint system.

t [Clock_expression.Ordered_integer_var]

word [Pbword]
Finite word: u ::= epsilon | 0u | 1v.
word_expr [Clock_expression]
Expression on words: w ::= c | p | w on w.
word_variable [Clock_expression]
Unknown word variable: c_n.