ICFP Programming Contest 2007

The Caml Riders

This is a short description our entry to the ICFP Programming Contest 2007.

Our result

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This allowed us to rank 17th, with a score of 890692 and survival chance of 7.6505%

Team members

This year, the Caml Riders were (alphabetic order):

Brief description of what we did

  1. we build an execution machine (see files src/dna.ml, src/execute.ml and src/build.ml)
  2. we displayed the first pages of the guide (see program mkpage)
  3. we figured out how to list a lot of genes by scanning endo.dna for pairs of 24-digit integers
  4. we activated some of these genes (chosen randomly and without argument) some were displayed pages of the guide, others graphical elements of the source or target images
  5. we patched some of the genes to either change some colors, or disable the drawing (see src/interp_interactive.ml). For this purpose, we build a small ``compiler'' from abstract syntax trees of patterns and templates to DNA.
  6. we ended up with the following DNA modifications:

main programs

utility programs