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The chameleon's quiz

This is the story of a zoologist who was studying a very interesting chameleon tribe, which was living on a small island. Surprisingly, each of these chameleons was only able to get color blue, red or green.

Moreover, on this island there was no other colored things, and it appeared that chameleons were changing color only when two of them meet together : if a blue one meets a green one, then they both try, simultaneously, to have the color of the other, and then they become red! Similarly, if a blue one meets a red one, they both become green, and if a red one meets a green one, they become blue.

The zoologist then asked himself why, since all the time the chameleons were living there, they didn't get all of the same color? To study this phenomenon more precisely, he counted the number of chameleons at a given time, and he found exactly 15 red ones, 14 blue ones and 13 green ones.

Now, can you help the zoologist, and prove that it is not possible for the chameleons to get all of the same color ?

This quiz is one of the simple things that can be solved automatically by the theorem prover CiME that we are developing in our research team DÉMONS.

My own private chameleon's museum

Since April 1996, I've been asking for original and amazing pictures of chameleon in this page. However, I only received very few of them. I mainly received some mails of people asking me some advices about physiology of chameleons !

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