International Summer School on Constraints in Computational Logic

Building Industrial Applications With Constraint Programming

Helmut Simonis

In this tutorial we will give an overview of real-life applications developed with constraint logic programming. Constraint logic programming (CLP) combines declarative logic based programming with specialized constraint solving methods from artificial intelligence, Operations Research and mathematics. It allows clear and concise expression of a wide class of combinatorial problems together with their efficient solution. In parallel with ongoing research in this field, CLP is now increasingly used to tackle real world decision making problems. In a first part of the talk, we will briefly present the methods and tools used for CLP and describe typical application areas. We introduce the concepts of global constraints, meta-heuristics and constraint visualization, which are central to large scale constraint solving..

A second part of the presentation will give a classification of problem domains suitable for the constraint programming approach and discusses various large scale applications which have been developed using the CHIP CLP system. These applications were co-developed by COSYTEC with specialists in the respective application domain.

The last part of the presentation will concentrate on lessons learned from this application development, showing interesting new research fields and practical problems in developing state-of-the-art decision support systems.
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