ICFP Programming Contest 2004

The Caml Riders

The riders are Here are our ants Solution 1 and Solution 2

Here is our full submission including the source code of the tools we wrote

Here is a screen shot of a game of our ant 1 (in red) against an older version of ours.

How did we proceed

Briefly speaking, we made
  1. a batch simulator
  2. a simulator with graphical interface
  3. a compiler from a regular-expressions-like language
  4. a compiler from a pascal-like-with-gotos language
  5. a tournament script
for of this, we used the Objective Caml language

Ants were manually designed, using the antML language and using the following two ideas:

  1. marks are used to make a gradient field to find the way back to the anthill and another gradient field to find the way to the foe anthill.
  2. inside our own anthill, food is stocked into six stock piles and guarded by ants (not moving until another friendly ant arrives)