My Thatsit chair

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This chair was given to me by my colleagues at LRI when I finished my second term as head of the lab, in early 2010.

Chair1 It's an ergonomic chair made by Variér, a norwegian furniture maker. It's called "Thatsit". It's made of beech and leather.
Chair2 The normal seating position is kneeling. The chair can rock, so you are always balanced. The net result is that your back is naturally more straight than on a regular chair.

You can also put your feet on the ground, in front of the knee-pads, when you want to rest your knees.

Chair3 Because of the form of the back rest, you can also turn the chair around and sit with the back rest in front of you. The back rest becomes an arm rest, it's very comfortable for typing or reading on-line.
Chair4 Finally you can also rest on the chair by leaning back, resting the arms on the back rest.

So Thatsit, I love it! And for my retirement, I'm looking at the Balans armchair...

Thanks to Wendy for the photos (and the original idea) !