Rafa RMG

Hello my name is

Rafael Morales González

PhD student at the University Paris-Sud

Rue Noetzlin, Bâtiment Shannon (660) F-91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Contact me: Rafael.Morales@inria.fr


05 Paper accepted: Passive yet Expressive TouchTokens at CHI'17

Honorable Mention awarded to TouchTokens: Guiding Touch Patterns with Passive Tokens

04 Paper accepted: TouchTokens at CHI'16

03 Paper accepted: SkinHaptics at Haptics Symposium

02I participated in the second ETIS in Fribourg

01 PhD student in HCI at the University Paris-Sud under the supervision of Caroline Appert , Gilles Bailly and, Emmanuel Pietriga


Passive yet Expressive TouchTokens

R. Morales, C. Appert, G. Bailly and E. Pietriga In CHI '17: Proceedings of the 35th international conference on Human factors in computing systems, 5 pages, ACM, 2017. To appear.

TouchTokens: Guiding Multi-Touch Patterns with Passive Tokens

R. Morales, C. Appert, G. Bailly and E. Pietriga In Proc. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2016. ACM Press, New York, NY, May 2016, pages 4189-4202. (acceptance rate: 23%, 534/2325)

SkinHaptics: Ultrasound Focused in the Hand Creates Tactile Sensations

D. Spelmezan, R. Morales, S. Subramanian In Proceedings of the IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS), 2016. IEEE.

Brief Bio

I was born in Córdoba, Spain. I received an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Málaga. In November 2014, I started my PhD studies as a member of team ILDA, under the supervision of Caroline Appert, Gilles Bailly and Emmanuel Pietriga. I prepared my M.Sc. dissertation in the Bristol Interaction and Graphics (BIG) research group at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom), under the supervision of Sriram Subramaniam. Other studies abroad: during my B.Sc. degree at University of Calgary (Canada) and during my M.Sc. at Politechnika Warszawska (Poland).

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