author="Moulin, Cecile
and Tournier, Laurent
and Peres, Sabine",
editor="{\v{C}}e{\v{s}}ka, Milan
and Paoletti, Nicola",
title="Using a Hybrid Approach to Model Central Carbon Metabolism Across the Cell Cycle",
booktitle="Hybrid Systems Biology",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
abstract="Metabolism and cell cycle are two central processes in the life of a eukaryote cell. If they have been extensively studied in their own right, their interconnection remains relatively poorly understood. In this paper, we propose to use a differential model of the central carbon metabolism. After verifying the model accurately reproduces known metabolic variations during the cell cycle's phases, we extend it into a hybrid system reproducing an imposed succession of the phases. This first hybrid approach qualitatively recovers observations made in the literature, providing an interesting first step towards a better understanding of the crosstalks between cell cycle and metabolism.",