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Olivier Teytaud --- TA (Inria)

(General audience: Systemes electriques; or Systemes decisionnels de Markov or power systems video or audio Europe1 (jeu de Go) or audio on RSR (jeu de Go) or short popularization on "Le Monde" (game of Go) or longer popularization on "Le Monde" (game of Go); in Chinese (Taiwan) on the game of Go: Nov, 12th 2010 and Nov. 15th 2010 ; 2016 stuff around Google/Deepmind AlphaGo vs Fan Hui 2p)

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Brief info
  • 1995: Normale Sup Lyon (what was termed at that time "concours M' (math)" )
  • 2001: ph.D.
  • 2002-2004: consultant
    • Planification de production electrique
    • Planification/simulation dans le domaine de la sante
    • Planification pour les ecoulements d'eau
    • Prevision meteorologiques locales
    • Statistiques pour prevision d'emplois, de transports, de logements
  • 2004-now: research position in Inria Saclay (CR1)
    • Optimization (theory and practice; parallel, noisy cases included) ...... (33 %)
    • Planning (theory and practice; including games and parallelism) ....... (33 %)
    • Machine learning (theory and practice; include parallelism) ............... (33 %)

I'm very happy that all my students have done great publications and have good positions; for any of them,
the HAL server should provide a list of publications.
  • ph.D. students
    • S. Gelly (1st Prix de la Chancellerie (important ph.D. award in France); 2nd at the "Specif Gilles Kahn" award), now at Google.
    • J. Mary, currently assistant professor in Univ. Lille
    • F. Teytaud, post-doc Paris Dauphine
    • A. Rimmel (post. doc univ. Alberta, post-doc Paris Dauphine, industry)
    • N. Omont (now consultant in
    • J.B. Hoock (currently engineer at Inria)
    • P. Rolet (now "chef de projet" in industry)
    • A. Couetoux (currently post-doc in Belgium)
    • J. Decock, Ilab with Artelys (currently Post-doc at CEA)
    • J. Liu (defense Dec. 11)
    • S. Astete Morales
    • M.-L. Cauwet
    • V. Berthier
  • 3 post-doc:
  • 3 engineers:
    • J.B. Hoock, 2 years
    • H. Doghmen, 2 years
    • J.-J Christophe, in progress
  • 8 internships (all have publications)
    • 100% Atsushi Takahashi (engineering school)
    • 100% Remy Bergasse (licence ENS)
    • 80% Merve Amil (master 2)
    • 50% Yann Bonnemay (engineer
    • 33% Yizao Wang (X internship)
    • 100% Christophe Fiter (Ecole Centrale)
    • 100% Louis Chatriot (X internship)
    • 100% Vincent Berthier (engineer)
  • 4 engineers' projects (Epita).