Franco-Taiwanese Collaboration
in AI, games and Energy

Indema is a Inria/Nsc associate team (contact:


We love noisy optimization, math analysis of MDP / POMDP,
reinforcement learning; and we love applications in the field
of energy and games (unit commitment, investment optimization).
A recent trend in our group is an additional application to
eLearning, with two websites (alpha version, admittedly)
released recently.

We enjoy collaborations with Taiwan (Ailab(Ndhu) and Oase(Nutn)),
with friends in the Montefiore institute,
and with industries (in particular Artelys and RTE).


Complementarity: Each Indema partner (Oase, Ailab, Tao) has its specificities:
  • IRT and eLearning were brought in the project by Oase (Nutn) -- two preliminary websites are avilable (see for the Inria part).
  • More games in the Taiwanese part, with Ailab (Ndhu); see here some joint works
  • More power systems in France (because we have a Ilab on this and because energy is our main (almost only) application for the next 15 years); maybe eventually an extension in Taiwan and Asia
  • TAO, an Inria Saclay-IDF team in Lri, Univ. Paris-Sud, UMR CNRS 8623, in particular Olivier Teytaud, Jeremie Decock, Adrien Couetoux, Jean-Joseph Christophe, Marie-Liesse Cauwet, Vincent Berthier, Sandra Astete-Morales, Jialin Liu, and various people from the taouctsig part of Tao.
  • 2013: stay at NDHU (National Dong-Hwa University, Hualien).
  • 2012: stay at NUTN (National University of Tainan, Taiwan).
  • Other Taiwanese universities, including NCTU (National Chao-Tong University, Hsinchu), Peng-Hu university, ...)
  • Artelys, French Operation Research company
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