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with Jin, Jean-Alexandre et Francesca
with Jin Akiyama
with Marek
Marek Karpinski together with Narayanan, Leandro, Jean-Alexandre and Valentin
Leandro, Narayanan, Jean-Alexandre and Valentin
with Pavol Hell and Adrian Bondy
John Hopcroft and myself
Hao Li, John Hopcroft, Valentin Borozan and myself
Valentin Borozan, John Hopcroft, Raquel Agueda Mate and myself
Nicole Lefevre
Nicole and myself
with Jack Edmonds
A moment from the 8FCC Conference
A moment from CGCS2007 Conference
Hao Li and myself
With Mohamed
Again with Hao Li
Gervais and Mohamed
With a specialist of cooking fiches at the Marseille-Luminy conferences center
My close friend and collaborator Lalo
From left to right:
-Kinkar (Post-Doctoral, India),
-Abdelfattah (Ph.D. Marocco),
-Carlos(Post-Doctoral, Brazil)
Defense of my habilitation thesis in 1991. My talk was given before that you see...
From left to right:
- P. Duchet,
- Myself,
- C.Berge,
- L. de la Vega,
- A. Bondy
My friends Jerome (left) and Jean-Claude (members of the technical staff of the lab) while reparing one of our computers
South coasts of the island of Crete (scans by F Zimmermann)
South coasts of the island of Crete (scans by F Zimmermann)
Oreste and Alexandre on some exciting moment (scans by F Zimmermann)
Members of the families Zimmermann and Manoussakis (scans by F Zimmermann)
Workshop at Aussois in 1989
South coasts of the island of Crete
Catching a shark
My first visit to Paris, ...a VERY long time ago

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