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Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge (LaHDAK)

LaHDAK team
The explosive growth in the amount of data created in the world is unparalleled. The data deluge is happening everywhere. Huge volumes of data sets are produced, leading to two main issues that are interoperability and scalability. LaHDAK proposes to work on these problems by providing adequate distributed data and knowledge management infrastructures. The aim is to manage complex-structured,
semantically heterogeneous, uncertain, missing and evolving data. We will deal with data coming from any sources, including the internet and the social web with all its complexity. We will take up this challenge by providing efficient, semantically relevant and robust solutions.
The LaHDAK team brings together members of the Artificial Intelligence & Inference Systems group (IASI) and members of the Database group (DB) because of their common interests in data and knowledge management. These researchers have had a previous experience of collaboration within the Inria project Gemo and after that within the team Leo.

Group Members
  Group leader
    SAÏS Fatiha

    BIDOIT Nicole
    BOURDA Yolaine
    BUGIOTTI Francesca
    CAUTIS Bogdan
    CHATALIC Philippe
    GROZ Benoit
    MA Yue
    MANIU Silviu
    POPINEAU Fabrice
    QUERCINI Gianluca
    RAAD Joe
    SAÏS Fatiha
    WALLER Emmanuel

  Non-permanent research staff
    INIZAN Olivier

Research activities
  Integration of Data and Knowledge
  Automated Reasoning
  Web data management

Software & patents
  SomeWhere: Peer-to-Peer Consequence Finding
  OntoClass & OntoQuery: Query engine for mediators based on query rewriting using views
  TaxoMap Alignment: A prototype to automate semantic mappings between taxonomies
  LN2R-LT: A Logical method and a Numerical method for Reference Reconciliation
  XTAB2SML: Tool for ontology driven semantic annotation of data tables.
  SomeWhere+: Paraconsistent Peer-to-Peer Consequence Finding algorithm
  Active XML: Declarative specification of Web applications
  OptimAX: Algebraic optimizer for Active XML
  ULoad: Management of XML views
  KadoP: XML indexing and querying in P2P
  Acware: Un système pour le stockage de contenus
  GUNSAT: GUNSAT, a greedy local search algorithm for unsatisfiability
  AlignViz: AlignViz
  AnnoVip: AnnoVip
  EAP Framework: EAP Framework
  EdiFlow: EdiFlow: interactive workflows for data analytics
  LiquidXML: LiquidXML
  RDFViews: RDFViews
  SpyWhere: SpyWhere
  ViP2P: views in peer-to-peer
  XupOp: XupOp
  XupIn: XML query-update independence tester
  TaxoMap Refinement: TaxoMap Refinement
  KD2R: OWL2 key discovery on RDF datasets
  Nautilus Analyzer: Nautilus
  XUpTe: XUpTe
  REISA: Controlled Knowledge Base Enrichment from Web documents
  XRP: The XR platform
  FactMinder: A browser (Chrome) extension targeted at online fact checkers and data journalists
  WaRG: Warehousing RDF Graphs
  Glucose: The solver that looks for glue clauses
  XPUQ: XML Partitioning for Updates and Queries
  CQAPri: Consistent Query Answering with Priorities
  PAXQuery: massively parallel processing of XQuery queries
  PigReuse: 2 platform for specifying and exploiting warehouses of RDF data
  CliqueSquare: CliqueSquare
  SAUPODOC: Semantic Annotation Using Population of Ontology and Definition of Classes
  SAKey: Scalable Tool For Almost Key Discovery in RDF Data
  VICKEY: Mining Conditional Keys on Knowledge Bases

Recent Ph.D. dissertations & faculty habilitations
  Semantic approaches for predicting the presence of asbestos in buildings: a probabilistic approach and a rule-based approach
  Apprentissage de la représentation du style écrit, application à la recommandation d’articles d’actualité
  Question Answering with Hybrid Data and Models

Measuring Similarity between Logical Arguments
Victor David
6 March 2023 00h00

Imputing Out-of-Vocabulary Embeddings with LOVE Makes Language Models Robust with Little Cost
Lihu Chen
20 February 2023 00h00

Witness Generation for JSON Schema
Mohamed-Amine BAAZIZI
30 May 2022 00h00

An Introduction to the Boundedness Problem for Existential Rules
Federico Ulliana
14 February 2022 13h00

An Introduction to the Boundedness Problem for Existential Rules
Federico Ulliana
14 February 2022 00h00

An Introduction to the Boundedness Problem for Existential Rules
Federico Ulliana
14 February 2022 00h00

Refining Transitive and Pseudo-Transitive Relations at Web Scale
Shuai Wang
24 January 2022 13h00

Discovering Causal Rules in Knowledge Graphs using Graph Embeddings
Lucas Simonne
10 January 2022 15h00

Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs
Taha Halal
13 December 2021 13h00

Knowledge Graph Refinement based on Triplet BERT-Networks
Armita Khajeh Nassiri
29 November 2021 13h00

A Hyper-graph Approach for Computing EL+-Ontology Justifications
Hui Yang
15 November 2021 13h00

Semantic approaches to predict the presence of asbestos in buildings
Thamer Mecharnia
8 November 2021 13h00

Progressive Data Analysis: a new computation paradigm for scalability in exploratory data analysis
Jean-Daniel Fekete
24 January 2020 14h00

A Family of Tractable Graph Distances
Stratis Ioannidis
4 July 2018 10h30

Valentina Beretta
15 June 2018 14h00

Model Based Software and Data Integration (MBSDI) in our Distributed, Heterogeneous and Autonomous World
Dr. Ralf-Detlef Kutsche
5 June 2018 15h00

Decentralized Data Management for the Semantic Web
Hala Skaf-Molli
24 May 2018 14h00

Data Series Management: Fulfilling the Need for Big Sequence Analytics
Themis Palpanas
13 March 2018 10h30

Distributing Frank-Wolfe via Map-Reduce
Stratis Ioannidis
12 October 2017 10h30

On these wonderful views, their updatability and their use as a virtual linking tool.
Yannis Velegrakis
3 July 2017 14h00

Content management techniques and tools for fact-checking
Ioana Manolescu
30 June 2017 16h00

Mapping Ontology with Probabilistic Relational Models.
Cristina Manfredotti
3 February 2017 14h00

The combined approach for ontology-based query answering: a survey
Michaël Thomazo
8 January 2016 14h00

EFQ: Why-Not Answer Polynomials in Action
Katerina Tzompanaki
6 November 2015 00h00

Understanding and managing medical data and knowledge dynamics
Cédric Pruski
2 October 2015 00h00

Streaming and Interactive Data Analytics
Erietta Liarou
18 May 2015 10h00

Speeding up information extraction programs: a holistic optimizer and a learning-based approach to rank documents
Helena Galhardas
27 March 2015 14h00

ANGIE in wonderland.
Nicoleta Preda
13 February 2015 14h00

Beyond declarative mapping and cleaning
Paolo Papotti
2 February 2015 14h00

Supporting Scientific Analytics under Data Uncertainty and Query Uncertainty
Yanlei Diao
16 January 2015 10h00

On building more human query answering systems
Yannis Velegrakis
4 December 2014 10h00

Dynamically Optimizing Queries over Large Scale Data Platforms
Konstantinos Karanassos
26 November 2014 11h00

*Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Datalog Engines* ... so we put a Datalog engine inside your Datalog engine, so you can derive while you derive!
Dan Olteanu
24 October 2014 14h00

Semantic ontology mappings: how to determine and use them
Erhard Rahm
24 October 2014 10h00

"Ontology Based Query Answering": decidable cases and algorithms
Michaël Thomazo
3 October 2014 14h00

Web Data Management in the RDF Age
M. Tamer Özsu
1 October 2014 11h00

Complete Yet Practical Search For Minimal Query Reformulations Under Constraints
Ioana Ileana
4 July 2014 14h00

Modeling Legal Documents as Typed Linked Data for Relational Querying
Nada Mimouni
27 June 2014 14h00

Digital Shapes Knowledge Discovery: Ontologies and Shape Modeling Techniques
Laura Papaleo
6 June 2014 14h00

Matching User Profiles across Social Networks
Gianluca Quercini
23 May 2014 14h00

Querying the deep web: from logic to optimisation, and back
Julien Leblay
13 May 2014 13h00

RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs
Alexandra Roatis
4 April 2014 14h00

From temporal to multimensional data: refresh strategies and search
Roxana Horincar
28 March 2014 14h00

A model oriented approach to heterogeneity
Francesca Bugiotti
21 March 2014 14h00

Filtering with the Crowd in the CrowdScreen model
Benoit Groz
7 March 2014 14h00

Privacy-Preserving Query Execution using a Decentralized Architecture and Tamper Resistant Hardware
Benjamin Nguyen
4 March 2014 14h00

Implementing language in Java with Alphabet Soup: how it may impact the Oracle Database
Laurent Daynès
6 February 2014 15h00

PAXQuery: Efficient Parallel Processing of Complex XQuery
Jesús Camacho-Rodríguez
13 January 2014 10h00

NoSQL Database Design for Next-Generation Web Applications
Luca Cabibbo
10 January 2014 14h00

Events, Representations and Applications
Xavier Tannier
20 December 2013 14h00

Résultats majeurs
Mapping Adaptation Actions for the Automatic Reconciliation of Dynamic Ontologies
27 October 2013
J. C. Dos Reis, D. Dinh, C. Pruski, M. Da Silveira, C. Reynaud-Delaître

Ontology-Aware Prediction from Rules: A Reconciliation-Based Approach
1 July 2014

PVLDB 2014: Delta: Scalable Data Dissemination under Capacity Constraints
7 October 2013
"Delta: Scalable Data Dissemination under Capacity Constraints", by Konstantinos Karanasos, Asterios Katsifodimos and Ioana Manolescu has been accepted for publication in PVLDB 2014.

Querying Inconsistent Description Logic Knowledge Bases under Preferred Repair Semantics
15 April 2014
Meghyn Bienvenu, Camille Bourgaux and François Goasdoué. AAAI'14.

WWW 2014: RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs
10 January 2014
Dario Colazzo, François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu and Alexandra Roatiş. International World Wide Web conference (WWW), 2014.

Software & patents