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Artificial Intelligence and Inference Systems (IASI)

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as of 30 September 2013
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The group Artificial Intelligence and Inference Systems focuses its work on the topic of information integration for several years. Its current activities of the IASI group are centered on the following themes:

- Knowledge and Data Integration
- Ontology-based Data and Document Management
- Efficient XML and RDF Data Management
- Reasoning over Distributed Systems

Group Members
  Group leader

Research activities
  Artificial Intelligence

Software & patents
  EdiFlow: EdiFlow: interactive workflows for data analytics
  TARGET: Adaptative ontology-based Web search framework
  TEXAN: A service to extract entities from tables
  POI-HELPER: An extraction service of data from social networking sites
  SHIRI-Querying: Semantic Search on Heterogeneous Semi-structured Documents
  SHIRI-Annot: ncremental Ontology-based Extraction and Alignment in Semi-Structured Documents

  Orange R&D Rennes - SWID project

Recent Ph.D. dissertations & faculty habilitations
  Diagnostic distribué de systèmes respectant la confidentialité
  Approche hybrides pour la recherche sémantique de l'information: intégration des bases de connaissances et des ressources semi-structurées
  Knowledge Representation meets Databases for the sake of ontology-based data management

Modélisation, Interrogation et Composition d’Informations personnelles sensibles aux contextes
Rania Khefifi
24 May 2013 14h00

Ontologies pour la gestion des connaissances
Samira Si-said Cherfi
19 April 2013 14h00

Archivage du Web : modélisation, analyse et optimisation
Myriam Ben Saad
5 April 2013 14h00

Supporting Semantic Mappings Evolution between Biomedical KOS
Julio Cesar DOS REIS
22 March 2013 14h00

Linked Data
Gabriel Kepeklian
15 March 2013 14h00

KD2R:An automatic Key Discovery Approach for Data Linking
Danai Symeonidou
8 February 2013 14h00

Web Social Sémantique et sérendipité
Milan Stankovic
18 January 2013 14h00

Analysis of modular organisation of interaction networks based on asymptotic dynamics
Franck Delaplace
23 November 2012 13h00

Seminar by Verena Kantere

17 February 2012 14h00

Sofian Maabout: Computation of Borders and Applications
Sofian Maabout
10 February 2012 14h00

Kostas Stefanidis: Contextual Database Preferences

27 January 2012 14h00

Jorge Quiane: Managing Very Large Datasets in a Cloudy World

25 January 2012 15h45

Xiao Bai: Toward distributed search

20 January 2012 14h00

PhD defense of Marina Sahakyan
Marina Sahakyan
17 November 2011 14h00

Heuristic based Query Optimisation for SPARQL
Irini Fundulaki
21 October 2011 14h00

Distributed RDF Query Processing and Reasoning in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Zoi Kaoudi
7 October 2011 14h30

PhD defense of Nadjet Zemirline
Nadjet Zemirline
12 July 2011 14h00

Seminar by Juliana Freire
Juliana Freire
11 July 2011 13h45

PhD defense of Lina Ye
Lina Ye
7 July 2011 14h00

From problem decompositions to semantic interoperability: a journey between databases and artificial intelligence
Zoltan Miklos
1 April 2011 14h00

TLM - Transformation Lifecycle Management
Melanie Herschel
28 March 2011 14h00

Role of the Implicit Geographic Context in Geotagging News Articles
Gianluca Quercini
25 March 2011 14h00

A Database Approach to Programming Large-Scale Behavioral Simulations
Marcos Vaz Salles
18 March 2011 14h00

Data management with uncertainty
Matteo Magnani
14 March 2011 14h00

Large-Scale Data Integration Techniques for Knowledge about Words and Entities
Gerard de Melo
7 March 2011 11h00

PhD defense of Pierre Bourhis
Pierre Bourhis
11 February 2011 14h00

SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest
Hyunjung Park
17 December 2010 14h00

PhD defense of Mouhamadou Thiam
Mouhamadou Thiam
9 December 2010 14h00

PhD defense of Yingmin Li
Yingmin Li
9 December 2010 14h00

Harvesting Knowledge from Web Data and Text
Fabian Suchanek
26 November 2010 14h00

Efficient Query Answering in Peer Data Management Systems
Armin Roth
13 July 2010 13h30

Ajax-based Report Pages as Incrementally Rendered Views
Yannis Papakonstantinou
9 July 2010 14h00

Integration and analysis of data, from heterogeneous sources adapted to user profiles
Mostafa Ezziyyani
5 July 2010 14h00

EdiFlow: data-intensive interactive workflows for visual analytics
Wael Khemiri
28 May 2010 14h00

De la compilation de bases de croyances stratifiées à l'inférence à partir de bases de croyances partiellement préordonnées
Safa Yahi
16 April 2010 14h15

Leo Seminar

9 April 2010 13h30

Leo Seminar
Dario Colazzo, The ViP2P team
19 February 2010 14h00

YAGO & SOFIE: Automated Construction of a Large Ontology
Fabian Suchanek
12 February 2010 14h00

Algebra-based cost optimization and execution for XPath
Vasilis Vassalos
11 December 2009 14h00

Gemo Seminar
Sihem Amer-Yahia, Amélie Marian
4 December 2009 14h00

Gemo Seminar
Veronique Ventos, Konstantinos Karanasos
27 November 2009 14h00

Processing and Efficient Evaluation of Generalized Tree-Pattern Queries
Dimitri Theodoratos
20 November 2009 14h00

Core Mappings: Schema Mapping Revolution
Paolo Papotti
3 November 2009 14h00

XQuery on the Cloud
Donald Kossmann
29 October 2009 14h00

Do-It-Yourself Custom Database-Driven Web Applications
Yannis Papakonstantinou
16 October 2009 14h00

Schema Mapping Verification: The Spicy Way
Angela Bonifati
23 June 2009 16h00

Satisfiability and Relevance for Queries over Active Documents
Pierre Bourhis
12 June 2009 14h00

Séminaire Gemo-IASI
Cédric Pruski, Spyros Zoupanos
3 April 2009 14h00

Ontology-Based Data Access and Data Integration
Diego Calvanese
25 February 2009 14h00

Alignment-based Partitioning of Large-scale Ontologies
Faycal Hamdi
6 February 2009 14h00

On corroboration and trust
Alban Galland
6 February 2009 14h00

Le problème SAT, ou comment devenir maître du monde
Laurent Simon
12 December 2008 14h00

Incompleteness in Information Integration
Evgeny Karlamov
12 December 2008 14h00

PhD defense of Fayçal Hamdi

2 December 2008 14h00

And Logic Begat Computer Science: When Giants Roamed the Earth
Moshe Y. Vardi
5 November 2008 14h00

Situational Business Intelligence
Volker Markl
25 September 2008 14h00

OptimAX: Optimizing Distributed ActiveXML Applications
Spyros Zoupanos
4 July 2008 14h00

Community Systems in P2P
Marilena Oita
4 July 2008 14h00

Source-centric temporal model for information modelling in social sciences
Benjamin Nguyen
16 May 2008 14h00

Personnalisation de la navigation via l'apprentissage de profils utilisateurs
Yassine Mrabet
28 March 2008 14h00

Modular construction of finite and complete prefixes of Petri net unfoldings
Agnès Madalinski
28 March 2008 14h00

On the Foundations of Computing Deltas Between RDF Models
Vassilis Christophides
1 February 2008 14h00

Consequence Finding in propositional Peer-to-Peer Inference Systems Revisited
Nada Abdallah
11 January 2008 14h10

Active documents: satisfiability of queries and view maintenance
Pierre Bourhis
11 January 2008 14h00

On the Foundations of Computing Deltas Between RDF Models
Vassilis Christophides
2 January 2008 14h00

Entity ranking in Wikipedia
Johan Pehcevski
19 October 2007 14h00

Résultats majeurs
Discovering Cross-language Links in Wikipedia through Semantic Relatedness
12 June 2012
Antonio Penta, Gianluca Quercini, Chantal Reynaud and Nigel Shadbolt, in European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2012)

Distributed Reasoning in a Peer-to-Peer Setting: Application to the Semantic Web
1 January 2006
By Philippe Adjiman, Philippe Chatalic, François Goasdoué, Marie-Christine Rousset and Laurent Simon. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Vol. 25, pages 269-314, 2

Distributed tree decomposition with privacy
29 June 2012

DL-liteR in the Light of Propositional Logic for Decentralized Data Management
1 April 2009
N. Abdallah, F. Goasdoué, and M.-C. Rousset. Int Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).

Efficient Query Answering against Dynamic RDF Databases
21 December 2012
F. Goasdoué, I. Manolescu, and A. Roatiş. International Conference on Extending Database Technology.

Entity Discovery and Annotation in Tables
7 January 2013
International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT/ICDT 2013 Joint Conference), March 18-22, 2013 - Genoa, Italy

Five papers accepted at IJCAI'13
5 April 2013
The IASI team will present five papers at the prestigious IJCAI conference.

Glucose 2.1 SAT Solver won the SAT 2012 Challenge
1 July 2012
The new version of the award winning SAT Solver Glucose (by G. Audemard, CRIL and L. Simon, IASI/LRI) won the SAT Challenge 2012 as the "Best Single-Engine Solver in the Application Track".

Glucose 2.3 best SAT Solver 2013 (Applications, Certified UNSAT)
16 July 2013
Glucose 2.3 won the first price at the international SAT Competition, 2013, in the track Applications, UNSAT.

Growing Triples on Trees: an XML-RDF Hybrid Model for Annotated Documents
22 May 2013
F. Goasdoué, K. Karanasos, Y. Katsis, J. Leblay, I. Manolescu, S. Zampetakis. To appear in VLDBJ.

L2R: A Logical Method for Reference Reconciliation
22 July 2007
By Fatiha Saïs, Nathalie Pernelle, and Marie-Christine Rousset, AAAI'07.

Mapping Adaptation Actions for the Automatic Reconciliation of Dynamic Ontologies
27 October 2013
J. C. Dos Reis, D. Dinh, C. Pruski, M. Da Silveira, C. Reynaud-Delaître

Non-conservative Extension of a Peer in a P2P Inference System
1 December 2009
Nada Abdallah and François Goasdoué. AI Communications (AICOM), 2009.

On the Complexity of Consistent Query Answering in the Presence of Simple Ontologies
2 April 2012
Meghyn Bienvenu, in Twenty-Sixth Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

Query Containment in Description Logics Reconsidered
2 April 2012
Meghyn Bienvenu, Carsten Lutz, and Frank Wolter, in International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR) 2012

Robust Module-based Data Management
1 December 2011
F. Goasdoue and M.-C. Rousset, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 2011.

SomeRDFS in the Semantic Web
1 January 2007
By Philippe Adjiman, François Goasdoué, and Marie-Christine Rousset. Journal on Data Semantics, No 8, pages 158-181, Springer Journal (LNCS 4380), 2007.

View Selection in Semantic Web Databases
18 August 2011
F. Goasdoue, K. Karanasos, J. Leblay, and I. Manolescu, PVLDB, vol. 5, num. 2, 2011.

Software & patents