About oMusink

oMusink is a Java tool that links gestures written on paper with online musical objects. It has been based on dot paper technology and digital pens and has been adapted to work with OpenMusic, a visual programming environment for music composition and analysis.

oMusink can be viewed as a customization tool that supports the use, definition and recognition of handwritten gestures. Although paper gestures can take the form of notation elements, oMusink does not support the recognition of standard musical notation. The primary role of strokes on paper is to describe musical objects and parameters, whose actual digital representation (e.g., a sound, a function) resides on the computer.

oMusink has been designed to support paper-based interactions. Yet, it allows users to input their gestures with a mouse or a tablet. The name of the tool refers to Musink, an interaction language for paper musical scores, and OpenMusic. oMusink is a lightweight version of Musink's gesture browser, supporting a subset of Musink's syntax.