The following items will be completed in parallel with the advance of the corresponding courses, some of them can be currently empty. Lecture notes are usually not self-contained and are supposed to be complemented with additional examples during the lectures.
Please, do not distribute further this material without prior agreement. But feel free to forward me typos or any kind of inaccuracy you could find in them.

Courses and lecture notes - 2019-2020

Polytech - PeIP 1ère année

Programmation Impérative (S2)

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Polytech - Informatique - 4ème année

Compléments Objets (S7)

Le polycopié d'introduction au cours
Le polycopié de rappel sur les exceptions en Java

Compilation et Projet de Compilation (S7)

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Polytech - Informatique - 5ème année

Projet "Génie Logiciel"

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