Static Scheduling of Latency Insensitive Designs with Lucy-n -- FMCAD11

Static Scheduling of Latency Insensitive Designs with Lucy-n

FMCAD 2011

Louis Mandel, Florence Plateau and Marc Pouzet
LRI, Univ. Paris-Sud 11.
LIENS, École Normale Supérieure
INRIA, Paris-Rocquencourt

Abstract: Lucy-n is a dataflow programming language similar to Lustre extended with a buffer operator. This language is based on the n-synchronous model which was initially introduced for programming multimedia streaming applications. In this article, we show that Lucy-n is also applicable to model Latency Insensitive Designs (LID). In order to model relay stations, we have to introduce a delay operator. Thanks to this new operator, a LID can be described by a Lucy-n program. Then, the Lucy-n compiler automatically provides static schedules for computation nodes and buffer sizes needed in the shell wrappers.

Article: .pdf
Lucy-n: clock typing prototype (bytecode OCaml version 3.12.0 - needs Glpk)
Lucy-n web page: www
Extended english version of [4]: .pdf
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This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.