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eoCheckPoint is a container class. More...

#include <eoCheckPoint.h>

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eoContinue< EOT > eoUF< A1, R > eoPersistent eoFunctorBase eoPrintable

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Public Member Functions

 eoCheckPoint (eoContinue< EOT > &_cont)
bool operator() (const eoPop< EOT > &_pop)
void add (eoContinue< EOT > &_cont)
void add (eoSortedStatBase< EOT > &_stat)
void add (eoStatBase< EOT > &_stat)
void add (eoMonitor &_mon)
void add (eoUpdater &_upd)
virtual std::string className (void) const
std::string allClassNames () const
 returns a string with all className() of data separated with "\n" (for debugging)

Private Attributes

std::vector< eoContinue< EOT > * > continuators
std::vector< eoSortedStatBase
< EOT > * > 
std::vector< eoStatBase< EOT > * > stats
std::vector< eoMonitor * > monitors
std::vector< eoUpdater * > updaters

Detailed Description

template<class EOT>
class eoCheckPoint< EOT >

eoCheckPoint is a container class.

It contains std::vectors of (pointers to) eoContinue (modif. MS July 16. 2002) eoStats, eoUpdater and eoMonitor it is an eoContinue, so its operator() will be called every generation - and will return the contained-combined-eoContinue result but before that it will call in turn every single {statistics, updaters, monitors} that it has been given, and after that, if stopping, all lastCall methods of the above.

Definition at line 47 of file eoCheckPoint.h.

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