eoOneMaxMutation< GenotypeT > Class Template Reference

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#include <eoOneMaxMutation.h>

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eoMonOp< GenotypeT > eoOp< GenotypeT > eoUF< GenotypeT &, bool > eoFunctorBase

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Public Member Functions

 eoOneMaxMutation ()
 Ctor - no requirement.
string className () const
 The class name. Used to display statistics.
bool operator() (GenotypeT &_genotype)
 modifies the parent

Detailed Description

template<class GenotypeT>
class eoOneMaxMutation< GenotypeT >

-*- mode: c++; c-indent-level: 4; c++-member-init-indent: 8; comment-column: 35; -*-

The above line is useful in Emacs-like editors Always write a comment in this format before class definition if you want the class to be documented by Doxygen THere is NO ASSUMPTION on the class GenoypeT. In particular, it does not need to derive from EO

Definition at line 25 of file eoOneMaxMutation.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class GenotypeT>
bool eoOneMaxMutation< GenotypeT >::operator() ( GenotypeT &  _genotype  )  [inline, virtual]

modifies the parent

_genotype The parent genotype (will be modified)

Requirement if (_genotype has been modified) isModified = true; else isModified = false;

Implements eoUF< GenotypeT &, bool >.

Definition at line 47 of file eoOneMaxMutation.h.

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