eoRealAboveBound Class Reference

An eoRealBound bounded from above only. More...

#include <eoRealBounds.h>

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eoRealBounds eoPersistent eoPrintable

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Public Member Functions

 eoRealAboveBound (double _max=0)
 Simple bounds = minimum.
virtual double maximum () const
 get maximum value exception if does not exist
virtual double minimum () const
 get minimum value exception if does not exist
virtual double range () const
 get range exception if unbounded
virtual double uniform (eoRng &_rng=eo::rng) const
 random generator of uniform numbers in bounds exception if unbounded
virtual bool isBounded (void) const
 Self-Test: true if ***both*** a min and a max.
virtual bool hasNoBoundAtAll (void) const
 Self-Test: true if no min ***and*** no max hence no further need to test/truncate/fold anything.
virtual bool isMinBounded (void) const
 Self-Test: bounded from below???
virtual bool isMaxBounded (void) const
 Self-Test: bounded from above???
virtual bool isInBounds (double _r) const
 Test on a value: is it in bounds?
virtual void foldsInBounds (double &_r) const
 Put value back into bounds - by folding back and forth.
virtual void truncate (double &_r) const
 Put value back into bounds - by truncating to a boundary value.
virtual void readFrom (std::istream &_is)
 Read object.
virtual void printOn (std::ostream &_os) const
 Write object.
virtual eoRealBoundsdup () const
 for memory managements - ugly

Private Attributes

double repMaximum

Detailed Description

An eoRealBound bounded from above only.

Definition at line 409 of file eoRealBounds.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void eoRealAboveBound::readFrom ( std::istream &  _is  )  [inline, virtual]

Read object.

_is A std::istream. but reading should not be done here, because of bound problems see eoRealVectorBounds

Implements eoPersistent.

Definition at line 477 of file eoRealBounds.h.

virtual void eoRealAboveBound::printOn ( std::ostream &  _os  )  const [inline, virtual]

Write object.

It's called printOn since it prints the object on a stream.

_os A std::ostream.

Implements eoPrintable.

Definition at line 486 of file eoRealBounds.h.

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