Continuité collaborative du numérique vers l'humain.




IRISA, Rennes

Type: Immersive 4-sided CAVE. Dimensions: 9,6m x 3m x 3m. Mono user mode in stereoscopy. Double corner mode in double mono user stereoscopy. Double Scale-one haptic system covering the entire space, one of which can carry the user.


M2S, Rennes

Type: Immersive 3-sided CAVE (12m x 4m x 4m). Gymnasium (30m x 20m). Mono user mode in stereoscopy. Qualisys motion capture system with 23 Oqus7 cameras. 2 force measurement platforms (AMTI). 16-channel wireless EMG sensor.


ISM, Marseille

Type: Immersive 4-sided reconfigurable CAVE, driving simulator.


Heudiasyc, Compiègne

Type: Immersive 4-sided modular CAVE (U / L shape), 10-camera Optitrak motion tracking system.


Arts et Métiers, Chalon

Type: Immersive 5-sided CAVE 5. Single-user stereoscopic mode + Dual-user monoscopic mode.


Arts et Métiers, Chalon

Type: Driving simulator. Renault Twingo2 vehicle mounted on MOOG 6DOF 2000E platform. Hemicylindrical screen (height 1.20m, field angle 150°)


Arts et Métiers, Chalon

Type: Lightweight immersive system that can be disassembled. Modular 3m20 cube with 2 sides (central + floor) or 4 sides (3 vertical + floor), visualization on ultra-short focal length projectors, 2.1 sound, haptic devices (Spidar and Virtuose).


Arts et Métiers, Aix en Provence

Type: Large wall display and head-mounted display device.


IrDIVE, Lille

Type: Double curved panoramic screen (TORE, width 8m, height 4m, depth 4m), with 3D sound. Multi-user mono-stereoscopic Interactive Videowall (4m x 2m). Eye-Tracker (SMI), Physiological response measurement, Brain imaging.


GSCOP, Grenoble

Type: Immersive 5-sided CAVE, 6K Powerwall, Full HD stereoscopic back-projected wall display, 4K 65" Multitouch table, VR/AR HMDs, Video-mapping, Haptic arm.


Inria Rhône-Alpes, Grenoble

Type: Large volume capture studio (10m x 10m x 7m). MoCap and projection-mapping for capture, reconstruction, modelling, 3D/4D analysis (shape, motion, appearance) of one or several persons.


LIG, Grenoble

Type: Stereoscopic projective system and HMD.


ENIB, Brest

Type: Immersive 4-sided CAVE (4.5 x 3m), Headsets (15 VR, 4 AR), Motion capture system, Haptic 6D arm, 3 Tangible tables.


IMT Atlantique, Brest

Type: Room with a 24-camera tracking system in front of a 75" stereo tactile screen and a 75" tactile table, 2 Tobii pro portable eyeTracker, 4VR and 1 AR headsets.


UTBM, Belfort

Type: 3 sides CAVE, 1 VR helmet, 1 MOCAP room, EMG wireless sensors, Eye tracking system.


iCUBE, Strasbourg

Type: Workbench with two stereoscopic screens (2m each) and a SPIDAR cable haptic system, Immersive active stereoscopic wall display (3m x 2.25m) with acable haptic system (INCA, Haption).


LISN, Orsay

Type: Multi-user and multi-sensorimotor reconfigurable 4-sided CAVE (5m-high, 13 m2 glass floor, all back projected), with haptic 6 DoF system covering the entire working space (Scale One, Haption), Acoustic room & Audio3D facilities, Speech and Gesture recogition systems, Telepresence system.


LISN, Orsay

Type: Interconnected XR headsets (12 VR, 4 AR headsets) with access to the haptic devices and/or acoustic room & audio3D facilities of the EVE-Room system.


LISN, Orsay

Type: 32-screen 1Gpixels wall-sized display (5m50 x 1m80) with multitouch frame, 16-computer visualization cluster, motion tracking, multi-channel audio and video, interactive tables.


Inria Saclay, Orsay

Type: 75-screen 75Mpixels wall-sized display (6m x 2m) with multitouch capability, 10-computer visualization cluster, motion tracking, multi-channel audio and video, interactive tables.


LATMOS, Guyancourt

Type: Tiled display with 8 Barco stereoscopic cubes (6m x 1m80) and motion tracking.


ENS Paris-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette

Type: 2K back-projected stereoscopic display (5m50 x 2m) with motion tracking and haptic devices.


Maison de la Simulation, Saclay

Type: Tiled display with 16 Barco stereoscopic cubes (4m40 x 2m50) with a visualization cluster, set up in an amphitheater.


CentraleSupélec, Gif-sur-Yvette

Type: Glass screen (4m x 3m) with stereoscopic back-projection 4K@120Hz, motion tracking, interactive tables, graphic rendering server (1TB of RAM, 2xK6000).


CEA Saclay Moulon, Gif-sur-Yvette

Type: Immersive 5-sided CAVE (3 walls, floor and ceiling, 3m20 x 2m, height: 2m95). 2 Haption Virtuose 6D arms (with a gripper) mounted on a SCALE-1 motorized platform. Computing cluster.


CEA Saclay NanoInnov, Palaiseau

Type: XR immersive platform with VR (HTC, Occulus, Samsung) and AR (Meta, hololens 1 & 2) headsets, backpacks (MSI), motion tracking.


LTCI, Palaiseau

Type: 16 MPixels multitouch wall-sized display (eight 46" LCDs, 4.1m x 1.15m), 32-point multitouch PQLabs frame, ARTrack motion tracking, Audio and video, Articulated touchscreens.


LTCI, Palaiseau

Type: 8 MPixels multitouch wall-sized display (four 55" Multitaction LCDs, 2.4m x 1.37m).


I3, Palaiseau

Type: Immersive 3D drawing system for collaborative design. Low-tech immersive projection system (4K projector on 180 ° immersive screen viewing angle). 3D freehand drawing software. Tablets for interaction and collaborative drawing.

Studio Design

I3, Palaiseau

Type: 90 m2 space dedicated to collaboration, invention, creation of design and engineering projects. The actual space is designed as a platform for students and researchers activities.