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Production d'Interfaces à base de Connaissances pour des Services En Ligne

LRI (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique - Université Paris XI) - France Télécom R&D

Information integration system over sources that are distributed and possibly heterogeneous. The approach which has been chosen is to define an information server as a knowledge-based mediator between users and several existing information sources relative to a same application domain. The mediator gives its users the illusion of a centralized and homogeneous information system. It allows them to ask domain-level queries and takes in charge in their place the access to the relevant sources in order to obtain the answers to the queries.

We experiment PICSEL on examples coming from the tourism domain.

PICSEL corresponds to a serie of three projects : PICSEL 1, PICSEL 2 and PICSEL 3. The last one has begun in january 2005.

In PICSEL 3, the mediation architecture is hybrid. The mediator also integrate a local data warehouse which contains data given by content providers. These data are conform to the mediator schema represented in RDFS+ language (RDFS extended by a fragment of OWL-DL). The data warehouse will be progressively enriched by external data.

One of the main goals of PICSEL 3 is the semantic treatment of the mediator answers. More accurately we want to study the references reconciliation problem in order to eliminate redundancies and to fusion data coming from different sources.

Another goal is to propose an approach where wrappers are built semi-automatically.

See previous projects heading to have more details about PICSEL 1 and PICSEL 2.


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