Research overview

My research activities address formal methods in software development cycle and in particular model-based testing, runtime verification, and parameterized model checking for concurrent and distributed systems. I have a particular focus on behavioural models that are described by means of transition systems.
I have been particularly involved in the development of active testing methods that need to interact with the system under test and in the last years in monitoring approaches that only need to observe the system under test. I have proposed formal models to capture the specific features of composite sytems such as orchestration and choreographies for distributed systems. I work currently on attack tolerance framework to detect attack with passive methods and to bring countermeasures in order to enable the system to work despite the presence of the attack. Moreover, I am also involved in verification techniques for parameterized systems with model checking modulo theories. Recently, we have proposed a novel approach to deal with weak memory models.
My applicative domains are related to protocols such as Manets, cache coherence protocols and Web services.


I have been involved in several national and international projects.
  • Atom - Leader (2020 -2021); Digicosme project; partners: LRI, Télécom SudParis. Objectives: Attack Tolerance and Machine Learning
  • DisMonTest - Leader (2015-2018); Digicosme project; partners: LRI, Télécom SudParis; Objectives: Distributed monitoring in ad hoc networks.
  • PARDI - member (2017-2021); ANR PRC Axis 3; partners: LRI, UPMCS, INRIA, IRIT; Objectives: Formal verification of parametric distributed systems.
  • Date - member (2013-2014);Stic Amsud project; partners: France, Argentina, Chile; Definition of testing and diagnisis methods for distributed and concurrent systems.
  • PIMI - member (2010-2013); ANR Verso project; partners: LRI, Télécom SudParis, INRIA, MONTIMAGE, Génigraph, IRIT; Objectives: Platform of deployment for personal information spaces PIMS
  • RobustWeb - member (2008-2010) Cofecub Project; partners: LRI, Télécom-Management Sud-Paris, LAAS, UNICAMP (Brésil, leader), UFES (Frésil), INPE (Brésil); Objectives: Construction and Validation of SOA applications with Web services
  • WebMov - Leader (2007-2010); ANR project Techlog; partners: LRI, Télécom-Management Sud-Paris, LABRI, SOFTEAM, MONTIMAGE, UNICAMP (Brésil); objectives: Web service Modelling and Validation
  • Verap - member (2007-2010); ANR project; partners: LRI (FORTESSE, PARALL, ALGO teams), Paris VII (logique Mathématique team)
  • TAROT, associate member; European RTN project.
  • Past projects : Stacs RNRT (2003-2006); Platonis RNRT (2000-2003); CASTOR RNRT (1997-2001).

Organizing Committee and Stering Committee

  • FM Doctoral Symposium 2018 Program Co-Chair
  • ICFEM 2015 General Chair.
  • ICTSS 2012 (Steering committee)
  • ICTSS 2011 (PC Chair)
  • ICST PhD; Symposium 2011 (Chair)
  • CSDM 2012 (Comité d'organisation)
  • CFIP 2003 (Comité d'organisation)
  • ICNP 2002 (Local Arrangement chair)
  • Program Committee (Last years)

    PhD. Supervisions

    PhD Committees


    • Pablo Cerro Ca\~nizares (2020, Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Sarah DAHAB (2019, Télécom SudParis), Matthieu Renard (2017, Université Bordeaux), Olga Kondratyeva (2015, Télécom SudParis), Michele Pirolli (2015, Univ. Verona, Italie), Yves Grasland (2013, Univ. Grenoble), Bannour Boutheina (2013, ECP), Pramila Mouttappa (2013, Télécom SudParis), Emad Elabd (2011, Univ. Lyon 1), Carlos Molinaro (2012, Univ. Complutense de Madrid), Issam Rabhi (2012, Univ. Blaise Pascal).
    • Committee member

    • Mohamed Abdelkrim SENOUCI (2018, UPEC), Aurélien Chichignoud (2017, bourse CIFRE CEA), Diego Rivera (2017, Télécom SudParis), Vinh-Hoa La (2016, Télécom SudParis), Taha Triki (2013, Univ. Grenoble), Mazen El Maarbani (2012, Télécom SudParis), Felipe Lalanne (2012, Télécom SudParis), Omar Chebaro (2011, Univ. Franche Comté), Faycal Bessayah (2010, Télécom SudParis), Tien Dung Cao (2010, Univ. Bordeaux 1), Cesar Andres Sanchez (2010, Univ. Complutense de Madrid).