This is the website for Programming of Interactive systems [Interfaces et Systems Interactives]

Classes are given by Anastasia Bezerianos and TAs by David Bonnet and Cedric Fleury.

The class is based partially on last year's class, as well as older classes by M. Beaudouin-Lafon, ones by T. Tsantilas, by N. Roussel and by O. Chapuis.

The following people have contributed to the design of the TA excersises : N. Roussel, C. Appert, O. Bau, M. Beaudouin-Lafon, G. Besacier, S. Gueddana, Y. Riche, M. Nancel, D. Bonnet, C. Fleury.


15:12: The exam will take place in Room D204 (Friday 20/12@2:00pm)

15/12: Office hour for possible questions on exam on Thu 19/12 on 13:00-14:00 @ PCRI (Room 419)

15/12: Under exam solutions of exams 2010,2011 (and description of exercises) in English

15/12: Assignment/project marks online under project on monday 16/12

22/11: only TA on the weeks of 22/11 and 29/11

09/11: assignment 2 is out

17/10: only TA on the week of 18/10

07/10: class normally on the 11/10 (4h)

26/09: assignment 1 is out

22/09: no TA on the week of 11/10 (course extended by a week)

22/09: only TA on the week of 4/10 (4h)

20/09: only class on the week of 20/09 (4h)

Pratical info

You can contact Anastasia, Cedric and David by email (

Don't forget the [IS] in the title!



Introduction - Definitions: Slides (older french version)

Ergonomics and HCI - History - Styles: Slides (older french version)

UI Programming Slides (older french version)


Peripherals, Software Architectures and MVC Slides (older french version)


only TA


Phsychology and motor performance Slides (older french version)

A presentation of SwingStates here (older french version). You can also find turorials on the SwingStates website


only TA


User Centered Design Slides (older french versions part one and part two)


Continued with User Centered Design from last week

introduced Assignment 2


Conceptual Design (UI design principles) Slides (older french version)

Intro to Web Developement Slides (no french version)

Intro to Web Design Slides (no french version)

Some resources on WebDevelopement submitted by D.Tsiodoulos here. If you want to share your own send me an email!


only TA


Heuristic Evaluation Slides (older french version part 1 and part 2)

Evaluation (for info only, not all material covered) Slides (older french version part 1 and part 2)


Project presentations


The material for the TA's are on David's site


Marks for Assignments 1 and 2 (storyboards and code) here. If you have questions/concernes contact your TA and cc Anastasia

Announcement for assignment 1 (and slides)

Announcement for assignment 2 (and slides)


The exam will take place in Room D204 (Friday 20/12@2:00pm)

Older exams either in English or French (let me know if you need translations)

Exam 2012 , Exam 2011 , Exam 2010 (only part 1 is on HCI), Exam 2009 , Exam 2008 , Exam 2007 , Exam 2006

Solutions for exam 2011 and 2010 here