ANR Project CoCoGro

ANR Project CoCoGro webpage.

Welcome on the webpage of the ANR-funded project CoCoGro (Computational and Combinatorial aspects of Symbolic Dynamics on Groups, ANR-16-CE40-0005), which started in January 2017.

Presentation of the project.

This research project investigates interplay between computer science and mathematics. The objective of this project is to explore computational and combinatorial aspects of symbolic dynamics on finitely generated groups. We aim to tackle three difficult questions: first, characterizing finitely generated groups with decidable Domino problem; second, understanding which groups admit aperiodic SFTs ; third, defining powerful tools to compute the entropy of 2D subshifts.

More details on the project can be found here.


April 2021: Nathalie Aubrun's habilitation defense.

March/July 2021: Sacha Huriot-Tattegrain's M2 internship.

July 2020: Étienne Moutot's PhD defense.

June/July 2019: Pierre-Marie Marcille's L3 internship on dimer model on Baumslag-Solitar groups.

Sept. 2018 to March 2019: visit of Hugo Andrès Maturana Cornejo (CMM, Santigo).

October 2018: First meeting of the working group Exact computations of topological entropy.

Sept. 2018: Guilhem Gamard joined the team as a teaching assistant.

Sept. 2018: Silvère Gangloff joined the team as a post-doc.

June 2017: Sebastián Barbieri's PhD defense, Matthieu Rosenfeld's PhD defense and Michaël Rao's habilitation defense on the same week!

Feb. 2017: Kickoff meeting of the project.