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I love music, especially classical music, but also film and video game scores, and Jean-Michel Jarre.
I am an amateur musician, playing the flute and conducting orchestras. I used to play the flute in the Orchestre Symphonique des Grandes Écoles de Lyon, then at SymphoniX, the orchestra of École Polytechnique's students, that I also conducted (now known as Orchestre du Plateau de Saclay).
If you are looking for an amateur conductor for your orchestra (and if I am around), just let me know!
I also love listening and watching classical music, especially told by Jean-François Zygel or on France Musique.

I also enjoy video games, and most things that are related to computers. I advise you the reading of the book Hijacking the world , written by Roberto di Cosmo and Dominique Nora, translated by Kirk McElhearn. By the way, Roberto di Cosmo's website is full of interesting stuff.

Olivier Schwander's website.
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