Before getting my assistant professor position, I did the following things:

Right now

I'm an assitant professor in the Vals team. I live in Paris, in Bourg-la-Reine

My name

The correct writing of my surname is “Nguyễn„ (with circumflex + tilde “e„). You can get this “ ễ „ by using an UTF-8 character sequence (code 0xE1 0xBB 0x85) or by using the XML decimal entity ễ. If you don't have access to accents you can use the simpler unaccented version Nguyen. Never use N'Guyen, N Guyen nor N'guyen, thank you very much. See here.

My face

Looks like you are using lynx or are
		      just blind. Either way, tough. If you believe that you have seen me somewhere or maybe think I might not be the Nguyễn you are looking for, take a look at the picture on the side. This very artsy photo was taken not too long ago (2010), by my good friend Iazz.