I share here some “recipes„, inteded as reminders for myself, in the hope they will be usefull to others. Discretion is advised, I cannot be held responsible for yaddi yadda… Since I'm a lazy bum, I might not translate all of them in french or english. To keep things tidy, I hide the lenghty texts. You can unfold them using the buttons.


Les informations que j'archive ici ont été glannées lors de mon propre parcours. Ne pas s'y fier aveuglément mais se référer aux textes de loi et demander l'avis de gens qui s'y connaissent (directeurs de thèse, école doctorale, etc.)

Qualification MdC


These are various tricks I learned (often the hard way) about hardware I owned or used to work/play with.

Full access to the Sony Vaio TZ150 bios settings

Using SYMCMOS.EXE to dump the symbolic table of a Phoenix Bios


Use bold small capitals

Install TrueType fonts for use in LaTeX on Debian/Ubuntu

Data structures

Initialize an array in constant time