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The Simple Genetic Algorithm, following Holland and Goldberg. More...

#include <eoSGA.h>

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eoAlgo< EOT > eoUF< A1, R > eoFunctorBase

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Public Member Functions

 eoSGA (eoSelectOne< EOT > &_select, eoQuadOp< EOT > &_cross, float _crate, eoMonOp< EOT > &_mutate, float _mrate, eoEvalFunc< EOT > &_eval, eoContinue< EOT > &_cont)
void operator() (eoPop< EOT > &_pop)

Private Attributes

eoContinue< EOT > & cont
eoInvalidateMonOp< EOTmutate
 eoInvalidateMonOp invalidates the embedded operator
float mutationRate
eoInvalidateQuadOp< EOTcross
float crossoverRate
eoSelectPerc< EOTselect
eoEvalFunc< EOT > & eval

Detailed Description

template<class EOT>
class eoSGA< EOT >

The Simple Genetic Algorithm, following Holland and Goldberg.

Needs a selector (class eoSelectOne) a crossover (eoQuad, i.e. a 2->2 operator) and a mutation with their respective rates, of course an evaluation function (eoEvalFunc) and a continuator (eoContinue) which gives the stopping criterion. Performs full generational replacement.

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