Programming is an important part of my research. Many of my results are obtained with the help of computer exploration: testing conjectures, finding properties, research clues... If you want a deeper understanding of this approach, you can watch the talk I gave on this subject at PyCon2015.

My favorite language for research is python and more specifically, SageMath.


SageMath (or Sage for short) is a free open-source mathematic software written in python. It is developed mostly by researchers with a system based on contributions and peer reviews. On the website, you will find the documentation and installation instructions. The on-line open-source platform SageMathCloud offers a free …


Since February 2013, I am a developer of the FindStat project. FindStat is a database of combinatorial statistics to allow for search and comparisons between different statistics on mathematical objects. It is accessible through a website developed in Python thanks to MoinMoin. Sage is used as a backend tool to …


OpenDreamKit (as for Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics) is a European H2020 project which goes from September 2015 up to August 2019. The goal is to support open-source development in mathematics, SageMath in particular, but also other softwares like Gap, Pari, Singular... The project coordinator …

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