Fatiha Saïs

Professor of Computer Science at Paris Saclay University

Research Talks

This page presents the list of tutorials and invited talks I have given since 2009.


  1. [December, 4th 2019] Invited talk at first DATAIA Days « Life Sciences and AI » about agronomy and AI, Orsay. Title: « Data Linking and Knowledge Discovery in RDF Data: Methods and Some Feedback from Agronomic Applications ». [slides]

  2. [December, 2nd 2019] Invited talk at Intelligence artificielle et Recherche d'Information : Troisième Journée commune AFIA - ARIA, Paris, France. Title: « Raffinement de Graphes de Connaissances : découverte de clés et invalidation de liens d'identité ». [slides]

  3. [January, 20th 2019] Invited tutorial at E-EGC winter School - Privacy preserving, Reasonning, Explaining, in Metz, France. Title: « Identity Management in the Web of Data ». [slides]

  4. [November, 12th 2018] Invited Tutorial at Symbolic Methods for Data Linking @EKAW 2018, Nancy, France.. A tutorial prepared and given in collaboration with Nathalie Pernelle and Joe Raad. Title: « Detection of Invalid Identity Links Statements in RDF Knowledge Graphs ». [Paper][slides]

  5. [June, 5th 2018] Invited talk at 1st days of action Madics ARQUADS, Marseille, France. Title: « Qualité des liens d'identité dans les graphes de connaissances ». [slides]

  6. [April, 24th 2018] Accepted Tutorial at The Web Conference (WWW 2018). A tutorial prepared and given in collaboration with Nathalie Pernelle and Danai Symeonidou. Title: « Knowledge Graph Completion ». [slides]

  7. [March, 27th 2018] Invited talk at meta-seminar days of CEPIA department INRA, Massy, France. Title: « Data Linking and Key Discovery in Knowledge Graphs ». [slides]

  8. [Nov. 2017] Invited tutorial at BDA'2017 Conference - Data management: Principles, Technologies and Applications in Nancy. Title: « Knowledge Graph Expansion and Enrichment ». [slides]

  9. [March 2017] Invited talk at LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology), Luxembourg. Title: « Rule Discovery from RDF data ». [slides]

  10. [Feb. 2017] Invited talk at TETIS (CIRAD, Irstea, AgroParisTech, CNRS) Lab in Montpellier. Title: « From data to Knowledge ». [slides]

  11. [Jan. 2014] Proposed tutorial in conjunction with the conference EGC (Knowledge Extraction and Management) 2014. It has been realized in collaboration with Nathalie Pernelle (Associate Professor at Paris Sud University) and Faycal Hamdi (Associate Professor at CNAM). Title: « Data linking for a Web of Data ». [slides]

  12. [Apr. 2014] Invited talk to the joint seminar I3 at GREYC lab of the University Caen Basse Normandie. Title: « Problems and approaches around data linking ».

  13. [Nov. 2013] Invited talk at the day for alternative methods to reduce the use of animals in experiments, organized by INRA Clermont Ferrand. Title: « Data linking for the reduction of the use of animals in scientific experiments ».

  14. [July, 2nd 2013] Invited talk at the Workshop QetR (Qualité et Robustesse dans le Web de Données), in conjunction with AI (PFIA) Plateform 2013, Lille. Title: « from linked data to the Web of Data ».

  15. [Sept. 2012] Invited talk in the ''Franco- Taiwanese Days'' at Paris, organized by the LRI lab and four Universities from China. Title : « Ontology-Based Data Reconciliation ».

  16. [June 2010] Invited talk in the MIA-INRA days at campus INRA SupAgro, Montpellier. Title: « Logical and Numerical Approach for reference reconciliation ».

  17. [June 2009] Invited talk at LRI days. Title: « Semantic Data Integration driven by an Ontology ».