Class will be held in PUIO (B√Ętiment 640) E107 on Wed 9:00-12:15

This is NOT a programming course. Instead, students will work in groups of up four-five to design, evaluate and redesign an interactive system, represented as a video prototype.

All in-class and homework exercises are required to complete the mid-term and final projects, so class attendance and participation is essential. Students will present the final video prototype in the last session.


02/02: instructions on final presentations and material to hand-in in the last class slides

27/01: exam (i.e. final presentations) will take place on 12/02 @ 9am-12am in E203

15/01: no class today, we are adding a replacement class on 31/01 in E105

22/12: NO storyboard to hand in, just description of users, concept and design scenario in your executive report (see lecture notes)

03/12: extra class on Fri 20/12 @9am room E212

pratical info

You can contact Anastasia at (

Don't forget the [DEIS] in the title!

Grading: Individual Exercises = 1/3, Group project = 2/3 (mid-term and final)

class presentations

1. Finding out about users

Slides Class intro and finding out about users

Assignment 1: Decide on a general topic for your group and a target audience. (due Dec 11)

Assignment 2: Each group member should conduct at least two interviews, as specific as possible, with members of this target audience. (due Dec 11)

Handout: Interview

2. Finding out about users, analysis

Slides Analysing data gathered from finding out about users

Assignment 3: As a group create one or more User Profiles describing your users (due Dec 18)

Assignment 4: As a group create at least 2 Personas based on your user profiles, at least 1 being an extreme persona (due Dec 18)

Assignment 5: Each group member should conduct a web search for 10 interaction techniques (not systems) that are related to your project (due Dec 18)

Handout: User Profile

Handout: Persona

Handout: Use Scenario

Handout: Web search

3. Generating Ideas

Slides Defining a problem and generating ideas

Assignment 6: As a group finish the exploration of the design space, explanations from class and slides (due Dec 20)

4. Designing your System

Slides Defining the concept and start the design of your system

Assignment 7: As a group create an executive summary (5 pages max) discussing: who is the audience of your system, what is your concept, what is your initial design scenario (due Jan 8)

Assignment left-over: Individually finish your Interviews and Websearches and hand them in typed (due Jan 8)

Important Given your course load, you do NOT need to do the storyboard, we will do it in class after the holidays

Handout: Concept

Handout: Concept Alternatives

Handout: Functional/Interaction Table

Handout: Design Scenario

Handout: To do together in class on January, NOT during holidays Storyboard

5. Designing your System, part 2

Slides Finish storyboard and start video prototype

Assignment 8: As a group finish your storyboard and come prepared with your material for video prototyping (due Jan 22)

Assignment 9: As a group finish your video prototyping (due Jan 29)

Handout: Storyboard

Handout: Video prototype

Additional material:
    Mobile frames here
    Many toolkits with UI elements for desktops or mobiles here

6. Evaluating your System

Slides Introductory concepts in evaluation

Assignment 10: As a group finish your video prototype and members from other groups to evaluate it using a design walkthrough (due Jan 31)

Assignment 11: As a group find 3 alternatives for one interesting comment you got from the evaluation (due with the final)

Assignment 12: As a group design (but don't do) and experiment evaluating the 3 alternatives (due with the final)

Handout: Design Walkthrough

Handout: Three Alternatives

Handout: Experiment

7. Redesign your System

Slides First steps in Redesign

Assignment 13: As a group use 2 Sociotechnical redesign guidelines to improve your system (due with the final)

Assignment 14: As a group use a beakdown to improve your system (due with the final)

Assignment 15: As a group use one user comment from your evaluation (previous class ) to improve your system (due with the final)

Handout: Generative Walkthrough (sociotechnical)


Project description slides

Final presentations will take place on 12/02 @ 9am-12am in E203

Instructions for Final on last lecture slides