Theophanis (Fanis) Tsandilas

[ e-mail: fanis at, tel: ++33-169-156-834 ]

I am research scientist (Chargé de Recherche, HDR in 2020) at Inria, member of the ExSitu team and the Laboratory of Computer Science (LRI) at the Université Paris-Saclay.
My research interests lie in the area of Human-Computer Interaction. I have completed my Ph.D. at the DGP lab in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. My work focuses on the study of new ways to interact with technology, sketch-based interfaces, digital-fabrication techniques, and creativity support tools. I have also developed interest in statistical inference and modeling methods with applications in qualitative data analysis and visualization problems.
Prior to my Ph.D., I earned a M.Sc. degree from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I finished my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens.

Past and Current Ph.D. Students

- Arthur Fages, since Dec 2019 (with Cédric Fleury)
- Anna Gogolou, 2016 - 2019 (with Anastasia Bezerianos & Themis Palpanas)
- Michael Wessely (now postdoc @MIT), 2015 - 2018 (with Wendy Mackay)
- Jérémie Garcia (now assist. professor @ENAC, Univers. of Toulouse), 2011 - 2014 (with Wendy Mackay & Carlos Agon)

Conference Organization and Program Committees

  • Program Co-Chair for CHI 2017 Early Breaking Work
  • In Program Committee of CHI 2020, CHI 2019, CHI 2018, CHI 2015, Eurographics 2013, NIME 2014, IHM 2015, IHM 2014


Refereed International Conference and Journal Papers

Refereed National Conference Papers

Technical Reports

Refereed Work-In-Progress and Workshop Papers


Designing Interactive Tools For Creators and Creative Work. Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches. Université Paris-Saclay, July 2020.

Towards the Systematic Assessment and Design of Adaptive User Interfaces. Ph.D. Dissertation, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto, 2007.

Adaptive Hypermedia and Hypertext Navigation. Research Review for Depth Oral Examination, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto, 2003.

Rewriting Queries over XML Views. M.Sc. Thesis. Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto, 2001.


Introduction to Statistical Methods (Master 1 International). Institut Polytechnique de Paris & Université Paris-Saclay, Since 2017.

Programming of Interactive Systems (Master 1 & Master HCID). Université Paris-Sud. Fall 2014.

Interfaces et Systèmes Interactifs (Master 1). Université Paris-Sud. Spring 2011.

CSE4461 - Hypermedia and Multimedia Technology. York University. Winter 2007.

CSC104 - The Why and How of Computing. University of Toronto. Summer 2005.