This page is about research in Statistical Physics and Machine Learning. In the teaching section (in french) course materials could be found about my classes.

Last news

Since July 2020, I'm no longer working at Université Paris Saclay, I started a new research group in the Theoretical physics lab of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with B Seoane, V. Martin-Mayor and LA Fernandez.

Last publications

Review article: Restricted Boltzmann machine: Recent advancesand mean-field theory

2020/2021 Teaching -

  • M2 - Machine Learning (physics master)

2019/2020 Teaching -

  • L2 - Architecture des machines
  • L2 - Introduction à l'apprentissage
  • M1 - Probabilité et Statistique
  • M1 - Machine Learning
  • M2 - Machine Learning (physics master)