Guillaume Charpiat's Publications in Images

This webpage is meant to describe (some of) my projects with images and videos. Just click on any project to access the related images. My papers are available on my main page.

Shape gradient descents

when represented by
their signed distance function
(level-set evolutions)
level set evolution

Shape manifolds

Learning shape metrics
(= deformation priors)
based on matching and transport
shape manifold shape manifold shape manifold

Automatic image colorization

by examples
(converts a greyscale picture into a color one,
based on similar color images)
colorisation joconde

Converting medical scans

(Magnetic Resonance scans
are transformed into
Computed Tomography scans)
conversion medical scans

Image statistics

applied to a face database
(mean face + modes of deformation,
which could be used as
a face generator or as a caricature maker)
deformation modes

Priors on deformations

(metrics to compute minimisation flows)
metrics deformation metrics deformation

Shape statistics
and shape priors

for image segmentation
shape priors shape priors shape priors shape priors

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