Deep Learning in Practice

MVA and DSBA masters, and CentraleSupelec cursus, January-March 2024

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- Last session this Monday 25th morning, with guest: Romain Égelé

The previous course (January-March 2023) can be found there; this course follows more or less the same lines, though not exactly.

General information about the course: presentation slides

To attend the course, please register here first.
NB: Auditors (auditeurs libres) are welcome; just subscribe as well (no need to ask me by email).

Requirements : having already followed a course about neural networks (this is an advanced deep learning course).
Typical mathematical notions used: differential calculus, Bayesian statistics, analysis, information theory.

Teaching team :
Schedule : This year the course is given twice because of agenda compatibility issues between different masters; you can attend, each week, the session instantiation you wish. Note that the schedules are irregular and that locations vary.
Sessions last 3 hours + a 15 minute break and are held at various places at CentraleSupelec.
Location info: bus stop "Moulon" + 4 minute walk to the Eiffel building or to the Bouygues building. Common transportation planification: Île de France mobilités.

Program :

Ressources: links to introduction to python, numpy, classical machine learning + online deep learning courses

Internship offers :

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