Deep Learning in Practice

MVA Master, January-March 2021

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- TD3 added
- Links to hand in TD1 and TD2 added (password communicated on the mailing-list)
- Register to the mailing-list! as the link to the course online will be given there
- The course will take place online via Microsoft Teams

The previous course (January-March 2020) can be found there; the new course will follow more or less the same lines, though not exactly.
The webpage for the new course (2021) is not completely finished; materials from last year and not updated yet are preceded by "[2020]".
General information about the course: presentation slides

Teaching team : Mailing-list : all announcements (last-minute changes, rooms, projects, etc.) will be made on a dedicated mailing-list; to subscribe, visit this link: and click on subscribe / s'abonner, or replace /info/ with /subscribe/ in the URL. Make sure that you do receive an confirmation email; if not, try subscribing with another email address, or contact me.

Auditors (auditeurs libres) are welcome; just subscribe to the mailing-list as well.

Location : online. The course will take place via Microsoft Teams. You can either install the client on your computer (available for Windows/Mac/Linux; this way provides more features), or follow the course via a browser (in which case, better use Chrome). The link to attend the course will be given on the mailing-list above. Do not hesitate to register, even at the last minute.

Schedule : January-March 2021, most often on Tuesday mornings, 9h - 12h15 (3 hours with a 15 minute break), online (note that the schedule is irregular): :

Internship offers :

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