Some of my research papers available as postscript or PDF files

  1. The biHecke monoid of a finite Coxeter group and its representations (with N. Thiéry and Anne Schilling), to appear in Algebra and Number Theory, 64 pp.
  2. A multivariate “inv” hook formula for forests (with V. Reiner), The Ramanujan Journal (2012) doi:10.1007/s11139-012-9390-x.
  3. Combinatorics of k-shape and Genocchi numbers (with O. Mallet), "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics 2011", (FPSAC 2011), Reykjavik, June 13–17 2011.
  4. Noncommutative symmetric functions VII: free quasi-symmetric functions revisited (with G. Duchamp, J.-C. Novelli, and J.-Y. Thibon), Annals of Combinatorics 15 (2011), 655-673.
  5. The representation theory on J-trivial monoids (with T. Denton, N. Thiéry, and Anne Schilling), Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B64d (2011), 44 pp.
  6. The 1-E transform in combinatorial Hopf Algebras, (with J.-C. Novelli, J.-G. Luque, and J.-Y. Thibon), Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics 33 (2011), No. 2, 277-312.
  7. The biHecke monoid of a finite Coxeter group , (with N. Thiéry and A. Schilling), "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics 2010", August 2-6, 2010, San Francisco State University, California, USA.
  8. Formal Proof of SCHUR Conjugate Function (with F. Butelle, M. Mayero, and F. Toumazet), 17th Symposium on the Integration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanised Reasoning, Calculemus 2010 Paris, France 6th-7th July 2010, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6167, 158-170.
  9. Inversion of some series of free quasi-symmetric function (with J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon), Europ. J. Combin. 31 (2010), no. 1 29-33.
  10. Permutation statistics related to a class of noncommutative symmetric functions and generalizations of the Genocchi numbers, (with J.-C. Novelli, J.-Y. Thibon, and L.Tevlin), Selecta Math., 15 (2009), no. 1, 864-874.
  11. Hecke group algebras as quotients of affine Hecke algebras at level 0 (with N. M. Thiéry and Anne Schilling), Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 116 (2009), no. 4, 844-863.
  12. The Hecke group algebra of a Coxeter group and its representation theory (with N. M. Thiéry), journal of algebra, 321 (2009), no. 8, 2230-2258.
  13. An operational calculus for the Mould operad, (with F. Chapoton, J.-C. Novelli, and J.-Y. Thibon), Int. Math. Res. Notices. IMRN 2008, no. 9, Art. ID rnn018, 22 pp.
  14. Sur une conjecture de Dehornoy (with J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon), C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris 346 (2008), no. 7-8, 375-378.
  15. Trees, functional equations, and combinatorial Hopf algebras (with J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon), Europ. J. Combin., 29 (2008), no. 7, 1682-1695.
  16. Hecke group algebras as degenerate affine Hecke algebras with N. M. Thiéry and A. Schilling, "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics", 2008, Valparaiso, Chile.
  17. Random patterns generated by random permutations of natural numbers, (with G. Oshanin, R. Voituriez, S. Nechaev, O. Vasilyev), The European Physical Journal - Special Topics, 143 (2007) 143-157
  18. Commutative combinatorial Hopf algebras, (with J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon), J. Alg. Combin. 28 (2008), no. 1, 65-95,
  19. Multivariate generalizations of the Foata-Schutzenberger equidistribution, (with J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon), Disc.Math.Theo.Comp.Sci. Proc, AG, (2006), 289-300. Fourth Colloquium on Mathematics and Computer Science: Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities, September 18-22, 2006, Nancy France.
  20. Dual Graded Graphs in Combinatorial Hopf Algebras, (with J. Nzeutchap), preprint.
  21. Representation theories of some towers of algebras related to the symmetric groups and their Hecke algebras (with N. Thiéry) proceedings of the 18th congres "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics", 2006, June 19-23, San Diego, California.
  22. An Introduction to Combinatorial Hopf Algebras - Examples and Realizations, Nato Advanced Study Institute School on Physics and Computer Science, 2005, october, 17-29, Cargese, France.
  23. Local Action of the Symmetric Group and Generalizations of Quasi-Symmetric Functions Submitted to Séminaire Lotharingien.
  24. Yang-Baxter bases of 0-Hecke algebras and representation theory of 0-Ariki-Koike-Shoji algebras, (with J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon), Advances in Mathematics, 205(2), (2006), 504-548.
  25. r-Quasi-Symmetric Functions proceedings of the 17th congres "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics", June 20-June 25 2005, Taormina, Italy.
  26. On the distribution of surface extrema in several one- and two-dimensional random landscapes (with S. Nechaev, G. Oshanin and O. Vasilyev), Journal of Statistical Physics}, 126, (2007), 243-279.
  27. The algebra of binary search trees, (with Jean Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon), Theoretical Computer Science, 339(1) (2005), 129-165.
  28. Combinatoire et calculs symboliques dans les algèbres de Hopf, defended 2004, December the 13.
  29. The peak algebra and the Hecke-clifford algebras at q=0, (with N. Bergeron and J.-Y. Thibon), J. Combinatorial Theory A, 117 (2004), 1-19.
  30. An analogue of the plactic monoïd for binary search trees, (with Jean Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon) in Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Combinatorics on Words, (Turku, 10-13 septembre 2003), Turku Centre for Comp. Sc. 27, (T. Harju and J. Karhumäki ed.).
  31. Mupad-combinat, an open-source package for research in algebraic combinatorics, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, 51 (2003), 70 p. électronique.
  32. Sur quelques propriétés de l'algèbre des arbres binaires, (with Jean Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon) C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 337(9) (2003), 565-568.
  33. Un analogue du monoïde plaxique pour les arbres binaires de recherche, (with Jean Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon) C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 335 (2002), 1-4.
  34. Deformation of symmetric functions and the rational Steenrod algebra, dans Proceedings of the Classical Invariant Theory Workshop, Kingston, April 8-19, 2002, CRM Proceedings series of the AMS, (2002).
  35. Noncommutative symmetric functions VI: Free quasi-symmetric functions and related algebras, Internat. J. Alg. Comp., 2 (2002), 671-717.
  36. The Chinese monoid (with Julien Cassaigne, Marc Espie, Daniel Krob and Jean-Christophe Novelli) Internat. J. Algebra Comput., 11(3) (2001), 301-334.
  37. Pseudo-permutations. {II}. {G}eometry and representation theory (with F. Boulier, D. Krob and J.-C. Novelli), in Discrete models: combinatorics, computation, and geometry, (Paris, 2001), Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci. Proc., AA (2001), 123-132.
  38. Approximation of a direction of N^d in bounded coordinates (with J.-C. Novelli and G. Schaeffer), in Mobile Networks and Applications 6:6 (2001), discrete algorithms and methods for mobile computing and communication, 547-550.
  39. Hecke algebras, difference operators and quasi-symmetric functions, Advances in Maths. 155 (2000), p. 181-238.
  40. Noncommutative symmetric functions and quasi-symmetric functions with two and more parameters (with J.-Y. Thibon and A. Lascoux), preprint Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, England.
  41. Some Generalizations of Quasi-symmetric Functions and Noncommutative Symmetric Functions, proceedings of the 12th congres "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics", State University of Moscow, juin 2000 (D. Krob, A.-A. Mikhalev and A.-V. Mikhalev ed) (2000), 170-178, Springer, Berlin.
  42. Une Généralisation commune des fonctions quasi-symétriques et non commutatives, (with Gerard Duchamp and Jean-Yves Thibon) C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 328 (1999), Série I, p. 1113-1116.
  43. Combinatoire des fonctions quasi-symétriques, PhD thesis, defended 1999, January the 15.
  44. Quasi-symmetric functions and Hecke algebras actions, Proceeding of the 10-th congres "Formal Power series and algebraic combinatorics", Fields intitute, Toronto, june 1998 (N. Bergeron and F. Sottile eds.), p. 325-339.
  45. Analogues non-commutatifs et quasi-symétriques des fonctions de Hall-Littlewood et modules de Demazure d'une algèbre quantique dégénérée, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, t. 362, Série I, p. 1-6, 1998.

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